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James Price Point Video and Exhibition

By Flemmingbo


If visitors arrived from another planet and took an overall view of our common problems, I presume they would tell us “overpopulation, lack of drinking water, lack of food, and you are ruining your own home, your planet”. Now; it would be naive to think we can do without the natural resources of our planet such as natural gas, but we must act in a sustainable way, and not succumb to greed and short sighted solutions – such as placing the world’s largest gas hub right in one of the world’s few remaining areas of wilderness.

Having previously blogged about James Price Point perhaps you are already familiar with the campaign to save James Price Point and have the world’s largest gas hub built in a better alternative place – not on top of sacred James Price Point, home to whales and endangered species. Crunch time for the Kimberley is now, get involved or this pristine wilderness is lost forever. The strong Broome community is presently campaigning and fighting everyday against the Woodside drilling equipment and vehicles. A group of photographers including among others, Nigel Gaunt, Christian Fletcher and David Bettini – and yours truly – have been invited to participate in an exhibition in Broome in October, I am proud to be part of it.

Featuring footage from Michael Fletcher and my own self, I have created this video that will play at the exhibition. Be sure to watch in HD and fullscreen, click the fullscreen icon on the video player below (between HD and vimeo logo)

These are my 5 prints for the exibition. The prints are for sale, all proceeds go directly to the campaign.


The last image in the video is a Photoshop creation of mine, two images combined, that you can view here:

JPP Starry Magic copy

Get involved, read more about James Price Point: Environs Kimberley, Wilderness Society, Save the Kimberley

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