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Jake Etheridge Releases New EP, Because I’m High

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Maybe you know from his time playing Sean McPherson on Nashville, or maybe you recognize him from Jake Owen's I Was Jack (You Were Diane) music video, or from his band, The Common Linnets . Or maybe you know that he's married to Canadian country music star MacKenzie Porter . But today, with the release of his new EP, you should know him because of Because I'm High.

In a post across his social media channels, Etheridge said, "My new EP Because Im High is out now! Hope you like the jams. Roll the windows down. Get stoned. Don't get stoned. Drink chocolate milk. Don't drink chocolate milk." And that is a good start. If you wanna light something up or grab a drink (chocolate milk or whiskey or whatever) and put this EP on for just shy of 25 minutes, you're in good shape.

Earlier this month, Etheridge released a video fro I Should Know, live from GrayMatterStudio, and if you want to get a feel for what he's offering on this EP as a singer-songwriter, this is a good place to start.

Jake Etheridge - I Should Know

From top to bottom there's a lot to dive into on this EP. Because I'm High really just feels like a collection of songs that Jake Etheridge sat down and wrote because they came to him. They feel like the things he (and his co-writers on Forget My Name and I Should Know) just wanted to get out and share and let live in the world.

And because it's able to portray those things, it feels genuine. Real. Raw. And I like that from singer-songwriter records. And all records, when it's possible.

Note: There's this feeling I get of familiarity on Rock and Roll when the guitar strums. I feel like I can hear John Cougar Mellencamp's Pink Houses playing in the background, and I like it a lot. It's like I'm getting the memory of a song I love, and Jake's new song overtop of it and completely different at the same time.

Take a listen to another song now. Let's say the title track, Because I'm High, because that feels like an obvious and quality next step.

Jake Etheridge - Because I'm High

Jake Etheridge is a self-proclaimed sad boy at heart, and it comes through in the best way on these six songs. These are 'sit down and listen and melt into the story', songs that might make you feel some things or imagine some scenes and stories of your own.

Or, in Jake's words, "Because I'm High is what you listen to when you're driving home late after work or if you're missing something from the past that could never exist again. It's for the introverts who claim to be extroverts and for the all-nighters."

Hit play on the stream of Because I'm High now and enjoy!

Jake Etheridge, Because I'm High Tracklist

Jake Etheridge Releases New EP, Because I’m High

Jake Etheridge Releases New EP, Because I’m High

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