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Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher - a Revew

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher cover

Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher

Title:- Jacob Hills
Author:- Ismita Tandon Dhankher
Number of Pages:- 263
Publisher:- Harper Collins
Genre:- Fiction/Suspense
My Verdict:-
Looking at the cover of the book, I was sure that it is going to be a suspense novel. I flipped on back side of the book and was happy from my guessing that yes it is a suspense fiction. I instantly bought it.
The author takes us to lives of army personnel and the way their lifestyles are. Stuck in middle of the murder mystery is Eva, who is an Anglo-Indian wife of Maj. George Chandy. The murdered woman's body has the marks of cigarette burns similar to the marks which are also visible on a six year old little girl. 
The story will take you to a breathtaking journey of lives of Capt. Rana who ignores his pregnant wife Heena. Lt. Col. Gary Randhawa and his wife Pam who are involved in running a swinger couples' club. Maj. George Chandy and his wife Eva. The thing which I liked is that the plot setup is in the 1980s. Jacob Hills is an army station that houses the war college.
Author has been able to successfully take the reader across the story while keeping the reader hooked to it. Also the language used is crisp. The boldness with which author has used the words and the dialogues is worth a praise. If you like reading a suspense novel based on army life, this is your take. The places and the characters have been eloquently defined. This book will surely take your breath away by the sequence of events as you turn page after page. The story is set in a time when Indian society was very much conservative and seeing a man and a woman together created a lot of troubles.
Ismita is a poet and an author and this is her second book after Love on the rocks which was published in 2011. Overall this book is definitely a wonderful read.
My Rating:
I would give this book as 4/5 as the author has well presented the life of the army men at the time of 1980s. Also, the intriguing plot keeps you hooked till the end.
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