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Jack o' Lantern Mushrooms?

By Vickilane
Jack o' Lantern Mushrooms?
From the road, I caught a glimpse of orange under an apple tree where some of our oyster mushroom logs are and thought that someone had lost an orange tractor hat.Jack o' Lantern Mushrooms?
 But when I investigated, I found these brilliant fungi ...Jack o' Lantern Mushrooms? 
I think they are Jack o'Lantern mushrooms -- colonizing the logs  and growing on a piece of hose as well.Jack o' Lantern Mushrooms?
So pretty. But not edible. They won't kill you, one website said. But you'll be so sick you'll wish they had.
Okay, then. I'll just enjoy looking.   Jack o' Lantern Mushrooms? Posted by Picasa

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By connais
posted on 03 September at 21:55
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Actually those look like the very edible "Chicken of the Woods" mushroom, a type of polypore. Jack o'Lanterns have gills on the underside.