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J-Walk Blog Closes Doors

Posted on the 17 October 2011 by Gerard @presurfer
J-Walk Blog Closes Doors
Last Friday, one of my favorite blogs closed its doors after nine years. The J-Walk Blog, maintained by John Walkenbach, also known as 'Mr. Spreadsheet', author of computer books primarily dealing with Microsoft Office Excel, has been providing us with many interesting links. The Presurfer and the J-Walk Blog have exchanged many links over the course of those nine years.
John always said that when it was no longer fun, he'd end it. Some time ago he realized that he was getting kind of bored with it. So he did what he felt he had to do. He ended the blog. He's not lost for his fans though. You can follow John on his Google+ page. Thanks John for nine years of entertainment.The Presurfer

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