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Its Chilling in Killington, Vermont

By Vikasacharya
Its Chilling in Killington, Vermont

Killington Peak and Pico Peak, These two peaks were both owned by the late Mortimer Proctor of the Vermont Marble Company. Pico was given to him as a 21st birthday present in 1910. He sold it to Pico Ski Inc. in 1948.Killington Peak was bought by Mr. Proctor in 1919 from M.E. Wheeler of Rutland and given to the State of Vermont in 1938. The Vermont Marble Company sold around Killington Peak some 6,000 acres of land to the State in 1945 to be included in the Coolidge State Forest. This is the land which the Sherburne Corporation had leased from the State for its ski lifts, lodges, etc. in 1957.Until the late 1800s, much of the entertainment and culture that Vermonters enjoyed did not extend beyond the town or village boundaries. Since agriculture constituted an entire way of life, entertainment was frequently combined with, and fostered by, farm labor activities. Sugar-on-snow parties, kitchen junkets, corn-husking parties, quilting bees, and barn raisings are just a few of the typical social activities enjoyed by 19th century Vermonters. Parades, circuses, and agricultural fairs provided additional entertainment during the warmer months, and can still be found throughout Vermont today. Many newer attractions can be found as well, including museums, factory tours, shopping, and much more.

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