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It Wasn’t Me, I Don’t Know And Why Me

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10093652 It Wasnt Me, I Dont Know And Why Me

We have several extra kids in our house that are invisible – their names are ~ “It wasn’t me,” “I don’t know,” and “Why me”

What is it with kids? Why can’t they just own up and say ” Yes I did it?”

I go to the toilet and someone has left me a rather large poo to look at, when I ask who did not flush the chain, nobody knows.

I go to the fridge to take out some milk to make myself a cup of tea and the butter lid is off, with what clearly looks like someone has stuck their finger in the tub and helped themselves to a mouthful of butter. Of course when I ask who is responsible, “It wasn’t me” is the reply.

I swear I must have at least 3 other kids living in our house.

They always seem to find someone else to blame too, it must be great for them to have so many people to blame.

I find the three youngest stick up for each other and cover each other,  its the same with Casey and Cameron who are only eleven months in age apart, if they get their stories right, then they win.

Little monkeys that they are, all 6 will stand and say ” It wasn’t me”. Then its time to play detective and separate them one by one to find the culprit.

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