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It's Your Teacher

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
A big conversation among parents has been how to keep kids motivated to complete assignments. It gets harder as the shelter at home days drag on. Lots of people have shared stories about how their students were on the verge of getting an incomplete grade because they had not completed enough assignments. When my device rang, it said, "Private number." I hesitated, then answered. The voice said, "Hi. Is blonde twin there? It's her teacher."  I said, "One minute please." And then I promptly hung up on her. I didn't mean to hang up. I tried to mute my device so I could tell the blonde twin who was on the phone. The teacher called back immediately. I apologized, muted the phone, told the blonde twin her teacher was on the phone. I said, "You are doing your work, right?" The blonde twin seemed shocked that her teacher was calling. When she hung up the phone, she was beaming. She said, "My teacher just called to tell me what a great job I was doing. She said I was one of the few students actually completing all my work." We were so proud of her. We knew the girls were logging on every day and seemed to be doing their work. We never actually checked, though. The blonde twin had an "I told you so" attitude all evening. She earned it.

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