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It’s Time to Upgrade the Planet

By Soulthriller

It’s Time to Upgrade the Planet

We are presently are the edge of the unknown. We have reached the threshold, the breaking point…the most significantly critical fork in humanity’s road into its future becoming. Humans, the dominant species on Earth, are consuming 1.4 earths’ worth of biocapacity every year. This is not only unsustainable, it is a path that will lead to our self-destruction and eventual extinction. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is not only a sustainable way of life, but also one in which humans live in coherence and harmony with its only habitable environment and planet, Earth. Although our collective consciousness has been rising, it seems that it is not rising fast enough to combat the assault on its long-term future by those who narrowly think about the very short-term and whose minds are clouded by the delusional thoughts of an infinitely-growing economy. News for them: You can’t eat money. You can’t drink money. You can’t breathe money.

Things cannot continue the way they have…it’s time for a massive change and the time for that is right now. This is why we here at Peace and Loveism have created the Upgrade the Planet movement. This is a project based on the reality interconnectedness of humanity with itself and with its environment being an opportunity for us to create positive change for the planet and for the human race simultaneously. By upgrading the planet’s consciousness grid using self-made “intention pyramids” as we are calling them, we help focus our awareness on the reality that Earth is in dire need of some planetary acupuncture. There are prominent scientists saying that we are entering a period of massive extinction which is not a result of hysteria but a response to a very real threat that cannot be ignored. Let’s not embrace an illusion but live in the reality as it exists right now.

This symbolic (and in some ways literal) upgrading of the planetary consciousness grid will help bring focused awareness to the ever-growing threat of a planet that will be uninhabitable for humans and other species within our lifetimes. This is not fantasy, this is a real threat. Imagine if all the world’s nuclear power plants had a meltdown tomorrow. You would not be able to read this if this were to happen. Upgrade the Planet is bringing attention to the reality that if humanity does not collectively create for itself a positive future through unity rather than separateness, our future will be in jeopardy. We all share the same planet and so we all deserve to live in a planet that is healthy and habitable. This project has a vision of becoming a worldwide movement that is made up of people creating intention pyramids anywhere and everywhere in the world.

What we ask of you is this: Upgrade the Planet and spread the word far and wide. Create intention pyramids anywhere and everywhere and let us know where you did it. Do it by the ocean. Do it in a meadow. Do it on a mountain top. Wherever you do it, take pictures of your intention pyramid and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media sites you use. Upload them to our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #upgradetheplanet on Twitter so that they can easily be found. Send them to use in an email to the address on our contact page. This movement can only make a positive difference if you become a part of it. We will be doing follow-ups on this in the coming weeks. Spread the word, let’s get our intentions focused on maintaining a healthy planet and collective consciousness, for the sake of the planet, humanity, and everything in between.

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