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It’s the Holidays Aka the Crazies Come Out!

Posted on the 02 December 2013 by Steveonline @steve_online
DSC 0052 199x300 Its the Holidays aka the Crazies come out!

This is the “Hanukkah Bush” or as I have now dubbed it… The Bush of Judiasm!

Happy post Thanksgiving Day everybody and hopefully your bellies are filled and your family is satisfied with your holiday performance. Those now celebrating Hanukkah we wish you and your families the happiest of times in the 8 days of magic. We put up what I’m calling a “Bush of Judiasm” for the second year running, including the stuffed Torah on top. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us and Alyssa loves it and that’s all we consider.

You know the holiday season brings out a lot of the good and bad, as well as a lot of the crazy from everyone around you. Look at some recent examples: Walmart here on Long Island someone was attacked in the parking lot over the parking space which we have all seen people rage out over and to me will always seem kind of bizarre. I actually had a strange encounter last night with an old woman mad at my parking (I drive a F-150 CrewCab so it’s fairly large) when I pulled into a random spot for literally 2 minutes while the wife ran into the drug store. She wanted me to move because she was going to be unable to pull out in 20-30 minutes AFTER she does her shopping. I never moved until Kim came back out but I was just baffled by the weirdness of the lady who pulled into a spot but now can’t back out? Oh well. Also this holiday weekend over at Roosevelt Field shopping center someone was robbed in the parking lot for their brand-new Xbox One. That has to suck they probably waited god know how long to even get it in the first place. Luckily nobody was hurt during that altercation.

Sure people are going to get robbed and parking spaces jacked by the dozen… this happens every holiday season and has become something we all accept in any metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs. You just have to be smart and extra careful. We’ve also all seen the van pull up to you in the parking lot with the doors swinging open to a guy selling you a box of rocks they tell you is the latest and greatest audiovisual system known to mankind. I’ve had that happen to me quite a few times maybe they think I’m a sucker who knows but I never buy the crap because if your selling it to me in the parking lot out of a van chances are it’s a pile of garbage I don’t want to buy.

DSC 0042 300x199 Its the Holidays aka the Crazies come out!

It’s all about family and this little monkey right here. Can’t get angry about stupid things when I have this kid to look at.

The holidays really bring out the worst in people. Is there something in the air, or the water? I’m not sure exactly what it is but people really need to just chill out, relax, take a deep breath in and really think about what the holidays mean to them and their families.

On the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook you really can spot the people that say nothing all year long and then at the end of the year have this magical gushing of compassion which just looks completely disingenuous to me. That’s the difference between the person talking about it and the person who’s genuinely nice and interested in you and your family.

The good ones don’t need to post about their deeds because they didn’t do it for notoriety, they didn’t do it to show off online. They did it because they wanted to and no other reason.

With the 2013 Holiday Season already upon us I ask all of you one thing. What have you done for others this year to make the world around you a better place?

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