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It’s Summer! Travel Plans and Goals

By Littlebckpacker @littlebckpacker

I know what you’re thinking, how can it be summer when the weather in Britain is nothing like summer?

Well for me, this week marks the final days of university for year one, which means a summer to myself. I’ve handed all my assignments in – even better this was done earlier than deadline – and lectures are over. Except for receiving grades and god for bid resits (although something has to have gone pretty wrong for that to happen) I have completed the first year of university.

There have been a lot of ups and downs as I’ve settled back into education after four years out. The first semester was a real struggle, especially when I had to write three assignments before Christmas. I was stressing about academic tones and if I’d referenced right. Looking back it all seems silly now, of course no one’s first assignments are going to be perfect. Then there was placement and five weeks of being in a reception class and putting everything in to practice. I learnt more in those five weeks than the rest of the year put together. Needless to say I had a meltdown about going back to university. But I went back and everything has just fitted into place. I finally felt like I belonged there and began enjoying life as a student. The last six weeks have been tough though, with so many essays and projects due in at the same time. I honestly wondered how I would achieve everything until I created a schedule and actually stuck to it. So I can officially say I’m done for summer now…

summer plans and goals

Summer plans and goals

I have been excited for months about finishing for summer but I’d not really thought about my plan or goals for this free time. There is no point in having such a long summer, as the benefit of being a student, and doing nothing with it. Not going to uni everyday and the fact all of my friends will leave London for the summer is going to mean my social life depletes again. I need to take charge and ensure I don’t get bogged down by this. Now is the time to see all of those friends I haven’t seen in years or haven’t had the time to hang out with.

Let’s be honest though, you guys are not bothered about my social life and emotional talk about summer. You wanna know what my travel plans are for all of this free time…

Travel Plans


I know, I know there isn’t much of May left, but there is enough left for me to squeeze in a little road trip over the coming long weekend. I’m finally putting the rental of a Fiat 500 (which I won at Traverse in March) to use. The boyfriend and I will be picking it up on Saturday for a trip along the south coast, starting with the Purbeck Coast in Swanage and hopefully visiting Lulworth Cove before driving east, through the New Forest and eventually ending up in Sussex by Monday.


A week in Portugal: Lisbon, Estoril & Cascais – A relaxing beach and pool holiday with the boyfriend where I plan on doing very little. In reality I know I won’t be able to sit still and will end up exploring Lisbon, Sintra and the coast. Hopefully some surfing will be on the cards too.

summer goals

A week in Spain: Destination Unknown – All I know is I’m flying in to Malaga and it is a two hour drive from there. This trip isn’t a holiday however, I will be nannying for a family while they are there for a wedding and holiday. I’ve never taken a holiday nanny job before but hoping it is a great way to combine some travel with work.

The rest of the month will be spent in London, working at my normal nanny job and hopefully spending some time exploring London.


Currently I have very few plans for July, I will be in London for most of the month I expect as I will have work commitments. Although the last week of July seems to be free currently so we’ll see what I can figure out for then.

summer travel  plans


A week in France: Roadtrippin’ with my best friends. To be exact my best friend, her husband, my boyfriend and I will be hitting France via the tunnel for a week of driving around the north of France. We are thinking vineyards, Paris, La Rochelle, Le Mans and probably a few other stops. Any tips and ideas for a road trip in France, leave me a comment below – I’d love your help!

Twelve days in Greece: Skopelos is the main destination for a week (another nanny job for a family) I then have five days to go island hopping before a return flight home from Athens. I will be heading to Skiathos for sure but the rest of my plans are completely undecided.

For the rest of August I will be around London or the New Forest trying to earn some money but also taking some time to relax, enjoy the UK in summer and catch up with friends.


Blogstock: Well hopefully I stupidly haven’t booked my ticket yet but hopefully I will remember to do this soon. Blogstock for those of you who don’t know, is run by the guys at Traverse and is a weekend blogging festival on the outskirts of London

Teaching for the second year of university doesn’t start until the 21st of the month, so maybe there will be time for one last trip before the year begins.

Summer Goals

read: Summer goals

Read: During term time I tend to avoid reading for pleasure because I have to read so much for self study and assignments. My book shelf is already stocked with four books but my goal is to read at least five! Suggestions for more reads would be appreciated.

Learn: French. I started trying to improve my French last year but then as soon as term started I stopped – deciding it was too much with all of my uni work. Over the summer I really want to work on spending 10 minutes a day using the Duolingo App and improving my French. After all I want to be able to use it while in France in August.

summer goals:: scrapbook
A previous Scrapbook

Create: An Inspiration Scrapbook. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of these people who see pretty images online that inspire me but then before I’ve remembered to save them they have disappeared into the internet space. I know there is Pinterest for this and I do regularly use Pinterest. However, I miss those days of cutting out pictures and sticking them all into one scrapbook. They are also so nice to flick through on bad days. So yeah over the summer I want to fill a up a scrapbook with inspirational pictures, quotes, ideas etc.

Do Photography: The styled shoots kind not travel photography. Well of course I’m going to do travel photography but I always do travel photography. I don’t however do the kind of photography I spent three years studying. I have one wedding shoot booked this summer and a billion of ideas for other photoshoots. I will be posting any work I do on my photography site. If you feel like being a model for me – I’d love that, just leave me a comment below. 

Exercise: Yoga, Running & Cycling. University makes you lazy. Even if like me, you like to be on-the-go being surrounded by lazy people who sleep in and waste the day drains your motivation. Over the last few months this has certainly happened to me. Over the summer I want to complete 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, TWICE. I’m already 15 days through the first time. I entered the ballot for next years London Marathon so a little running practice will do me good (incase I get in). Finally I own a bike which I use to cycle to uni everyday, I want to keep up that little bit of cycling everyday even over the summer. As much as I want to spend a fortune on a gym membership with my boyfriend I know I must resist. 

summer goals

Earn: Money. The bane of everyone’s life and the reason so many things get passed by. Over the summer I’d really like to save up some money (firstly so I can pay back the money I owe – Sorry Mum!) but also so I don’t have to work so insanely hard over term time through year two. Actually who am I kidding so I can go booking holidays for the rest of the year, Scandinavia over Christmas sounds good.

Blogging: The Little backpacker. I know, this blog has been a little neglected especially over the last month or so. I haven’t been blogging as much or changing the layout around as much as normal. Don’t worry I will be back to my own blogging self pretty soon.

and finally Explore: London. I am terrible at exploring London despite living here. I always use the fact I live out in zone 3 as an excuse for not visiting central London more. Or that I’ve got no one to go with, or that I’ve got no money. I must not use these excuses this summer and I MUST learn how to be a tourist in London. If anyone fancies showing me how that would be greatly appreciated.

So there you have it my plans and goals to keep me going over the summer. What are you plans for the summer, no matter how long or short your break is?


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