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"It's Red and Peeling!"

By Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
Rather than posting detailed blogs about my travels I am planning to also write small posts about certain experiences, photographs, events, etc.
So, to kick off this segment I present to you ... A Tree!?!
I'm not sure how many people got the joke when our guide informed us of this wonderful tree on our way to a Woodwind Sail & Snorkel Tour (highly recommended) in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.
So she described it as the "Tourist Tree".
Because it's RED and PEELING!
I don't plan on explaining the joke ... Either you got it or you didn't!
The tree can be found at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino and is memorable because although I don't peel, I do turn red (and itchy & scratchy - just like the cartoon in the Simpsons :-) when exposed to the sun. Now, this is when I have lived all my life in India, where the summer months are quite sunny to say the least. Try as it might, the Sun has never stopped me from going to the beach (which I love), just that I now have to carry anti-allergic medication and make sure the hotel I am staying at has ample supply of ice :-)
Location:Gurgaon, India

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