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It’s Oh So Quiet

By Whatyoufancy @whatufancy

You know what the single greatest thing about moving to the country is? Peace and quiet. It’s so blissful, I can’t tell you. Even when we were living in London and I wanted a relaxing bath or to lay down, I’d still hear continuous sirens and traffic. As a classic introvert (softly spoken, not good in big crowds, enjoys time spent alone – ha! does this equal ‘loser’?!), I crave peace and quiet… at the end of a work day, I often need a good half hour just to decompress and not talk. No music, no conversation, just tranquility and stillness. I had pinned these images on my ‘Made Me Smile’ Pinterest board and realised they all encompassed the same theme. Tell me, lovely readers, is quietude something you hanker for or do you prefer being surrounded by a bit of bustle?
it’s oh so quiet
{images via Architectural Digest, All Things Stylish & Reading is Fashionable}

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