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It's Not Going So Well This Time

By Sue15cat
It's Not Going So Well This Time   It's not going so well this time my No Spend/Low Spend September  :-(   I went out the other day to get some sparkling water and cordials from Tesco .... and somehow managed to buy this little lot.  The huge packs of pasta were on offer at £2 for either the bags of Penne or the packs of spaghetti and I was tempted to stock up.  This little, or not so little, lot will last us for quite a long time, and of course when I cook it I always do a bit too much and let the dogs have some in their dinner, they love it too.   My only defence is that it is mostly all stuff that we were running out of, but at a pinch I guess I could have rode out the month and kept to the challenge a little bit more.   It's Not Going So Well This Time   Some of the haul is destined for the freezer and will be repackaged so we get the best possible use and value from it, so it's not really the end of the world, but disappointing when I wanted to keep the spending minimal.  This came to just over £57 after coupons and discounts.   It's Not Going So Well This Time   Then I went to M&S to get some supplies to use up my £5 off a £25 spend voucher.  Lovely Hubby said we should use it to restock the freezer with some chicken, so that was mainly what I bought with a couple of other treaty things being thrown in to bring up the spend to the right amount.  I was very lucky that their chicken products were on offer at 25% off.   I even bought a ready meal, I know, something I don't very often do.  It was reduced and very, very tasty when I ate it after unpacking the shopping, an easy option for once.  Thinking back I honestly can't remember when I bought a ready meal !!  All the time I was eating it though I was thinking I could have made four times this amount for the price.  It was supposed to feed two, but just about fed me with some brown rice!   It total at the two shops I spent just over £80 on the food, and then the next day I went out with Mum and ended up spending money on a couple of new shirts for Winter ..... so not a No Spend OR Low Spend couple of days at all.     I really MUST do better.  In fact I think I will have a completely NO SPEND October.  The only way is to completely go cold turkey and keep out of the shops.  I'll have to dust off those blinkers again and wear them to dash into the shop to buy milk for Lovely Hubbys coffee and THAT will be it.   How are you doing, I bet you're doing so much better than me.   Sue xx        

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