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It's My Blog and I'll Curse If I Want To. Writer's Workshop.

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

Not me.  You.  You can curse.  If you want to.  Not judging.  It's just not my thing.
The internet is a pretty large place.  Like, galaxy large. Solar system maybe?  I'm thinking pretty infinite.  I mean, that's the way Al Gore designed it, right?
So with  a seemingly infinite pool of blogs to choose from, who cares if some bloggers curse?
I certainly don't. 
We all have our  own method of expressing ourselves.  Our writing style, voice, and personality is what makes us attractive to different readers.  
And attractive is good.  
It makes blogging fun when you have readers.  When you've made someone laugh, or cry, or get angry even.  Cause we need that, the engagement.
For most of us we blog because we need the outlet, enjoy entertaining, and just flat out need to vent.  Being able to be ourselves is what makes blogging fun for us.   
So what if someone wants to drop the occasional filth, flarn, filth.  If you're just not that into that, cool.  There's enough internet out there for you to find another blog to read. 
Like mine. 
So grab a cup of coffee and stay while.  Read what I've wrote this week, then head over to Mama Kat's. 
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