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It's Lonely on the Playground

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

It's Lonely on the Playground

Empty Playground.
Photo by Revgar via Flickr

I love England. I really do and I feel blessed to have this opportunity. But, I must admit, I'm a bit lonely. I miss seeing familiar faces at school drop-off and lingering on the playground just to chat with a friend. Or getting there a few minutes early in the hopes of setting up a coffee date or to let The Boy play for a few minutes before his sisters get out.
Now, though the faces are becoming familiar, I am neither greeted nor greeting anyone with casual smiles and hellos. I know I could make the first move, but they all seem to be set in their groups. Adult cliques, if you please. There's one "mum" with 3 kids all about the same ages as mine, one of them is in class with my younger daughter. The girls appear to be on the way to bff-hood. But when I try to make eye-contact with her mother, there is no response. She doesn't speak to anyone but her kids. She hardly looks up.
I remember when I was a newcomer in Singapore. I didn't have any children yet and I forced myself out the door to join the American Women's Association (which was only about 51% American/Canadian and the rest a wonderful mix of cultures from all over the world).  I often thought how much easier it must be for parents to make new friends because of their schoolchildren. I suppose it probably was there; Singapore has a huge expat community.
Here, I haven't met another American since the plane from Paris to London. Not that I need to, of course. I'm just ready for a friendly face. Someone who smiles when they see me approach... aside from the beaming faces of my lovely children, I mean. Time to Skype with my mom, I think. Skype is great. My own bff has gone back to work after 6 years of SAHM-ing, and now our schedules conflict. A 5- hour time difference makes an impact in the evening. PMS and a traveling husband isn't making it any easier.
Well, I tackled the taxis, the buses and the trains. I've managed without a clothes dryer, hair-dryer or steam mop. I'm getting comfortable on the other side of the road (swear I'm going to blow a tire hitting the curb one of these days), lived through a few roundabouts and giant house spiders. It's time to find a social group to tackle until approachable faces pave the way back to a warm and comfortable friendship.

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