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It's Just the Flu

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

It's Just the Flu

Cat nap on the school run.
Photo by Me. All Rights Reserved.

The flu hit us this week. It's the first time we've all had it. The first year we didn't get vaccinated, with the move it was overlooked. First came, Little Rose, who was sick all weekend and has missed school all week with her typical double dose of illnesses: UTI and the flu. I didn't realize it was the flu until The Boy woke up a feverish mess Monday morning.
I miss school buses at these times. My kids have never ridden one to school, but it sure would be nice. I dragged two sick kids to school to drop off one. Nature Girl avoided getting sick until Wednesday. I was relieved she managed to get through her school play before waking up the next morning a feverish mess.
I left the two younger ones with Papa and took Nature Girl to her performance. I entered her school and realized a striking similarity in layout to Sandy Hook. The office... the younger children's classrooms just off to the left. My daughters are ages 6 and 7.
I stood in the hall where the stage was set up and had to work to keep my composure. Those thoughts of how and why racing through my mind. The What-Ifs. My imagination filling in the terrible details of the scene.
I have steadfastly avoided over exposing myself to this news. I haven't watched any at all, but have read reports, read the names and seen the faces of the adults and children lost and signed multiple gun control petitions. We don't need to immerse ourselves in this to respect and honor the dead.
I've chosen not to tell my children. Fortunately, the English schools aren't bringing it up and it's easier for parents here to shield their young children from news overseas. I turn off the radio when the news comes on, and from previous explanations, the girls understand that I do so when the news is inappropriate for their age. It's my job to protect them. To preserve their innocence.
Today it is my turn. It's hard to avoid getting sick when children are literally coughing in your face. The children are on the mend, hopefully back in school for one last day tomorrow. I'm the only one left with a fever, but I've welcomed the opportunity to cuddle for hours with my little ones, taking turns reading, napping with The Boy. Asking, "Who's going to take care of Mommy?" and having them all wrap their arms around me telling me they will.
In the day to day, dealing with a house full of feverish, coughing, miserable children seems hard. But this week I have perspective. I get to wrap my arms around them and comfort them and be comforted by them. They will get better. My children will have Christmas. My family is together, on the road to health and I am so grateful.

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