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It's Here ....

By Sue15cat
It's Here ....
It's here ... one of favorite magazines of the year, it dropped through my letterbox yesterday.
I'm not ashamed to say I sit down and read it from cover to cover, as I do every week.  And then I get out my pen and put a circle round everything we want to watch or record on our Freesat box, as I do every week.
The Christmas one is somehow special though isn't it.
And did you know you can now browse the back catalog on BBC Genome, so you can find out what television programmes were on when you were born, what you watched on your tenth birthday or even just see what you sat down to watch after Christmas dinner last year.  What a fantastic service.
Click HERE to go to BBC Genome.
It's Here ....
The only thing I don't like about getting my subscription through the post is that I can't get rid of all the leaflets that clutter magazines up these day.  First I always pull out whatever supplement is stapled into the middle, sometimes it's an advert but this time of course it's the usual travel brochure.  Nope ... I don't want to be tempted.
It's Here ....
Then into the recycling box go the catalogues of clothes, Stannah stair-lift leaflets, weird, wonderful and wacky gifts catalgues and the charity begging leaflets.  If they are going to waste money printing leaflets I'm afraid they are NOT going to get any of my money, the same if they send me a pen or Christmas cards or even, as I got last year, letters with 5p coins attached, I got four of those in one week, that's four lots of postage, four lots of paper and 20p in cash. 
It's Here ....
Advent Challenge - Day 14
A magazine, this months edition of Vogue.   I used to buy it every month back in the day.  Helps plan a shop if you know what in the 'in Vogue' fashions are.  Now it's a very occasional treat.
Sue xx

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