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It's Gonna Take a While ......

By Sue15cat
It's gonna take a while ......
After one day of banging, digging and sawing we had the beginnings of the plan on the soil instead of just scribbled on the back of an envelope.    It's gonna take a while ......   Retaining boards and the first two beds done.
It's gonna take a while ......   The view from the top before I started digging on day two.  While I still had the strength to hold the camera!!   It's gonna take a while ......   First barrow load in, it looks pathetically small, I just kept reminding myself that even a bucket fills up one drop at a time left under a dripping tap.   It's gonna take a while ......   While I was filling the smallest bed (Dad's Bed), Lovely Hubby was already springing into action building more beds.   It's gonna take a while ......   After an hour or so I scarpered back to the house to fetch some liquid refreshments ... and came back to find him posing with his hammer :-)
It's gonna take a while ......   Sides being lined up with posts.
It's gonna take a while ......   By the end of the weekend this is what we have.
It's gonna take a while ......
Dad's bed one third filled, to get this far took eleven wheelbarrow fulls before I gave up the ghost and went in to make sandwiches and cake ... I know pathetic, I have no stamina!!  To give you an idea of scale this smallest bed is two metres in each direction.    It's gonna take a while ......    Hopefully I'll be doing a couple of barrow fulls a day this week to fill it a bit more if I can summon up the energy and enthusiasm.
It's gonna take a while ......   Suky is slightly baffled by the change to the hillside but is enjoying picking her way over the boards every time we go out.   We have chosen to use good quality treated wooden boards and strong corner posts well hammered in, as we want this to last.  All the tops and cut edges will be treated with creosote on a regular basis and hopefully once this job is done we will not have to repeat it.  For us this is a permanent thing, and the priority is to take things slowly and steadily and do it right.  Obviously we have had the opportunity through renting our last two properties to trial this all before in different ways and this is the way that we have decided works the best for us.     And finally ...... the Winner of Rear of the Year ......   It's gonna take a while ......   .... goes to Lovely Hubby :-)   Sue xx    

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