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It’s Been Awhile, but It’s 2016 Now!

Posted on the 23 February 2016 by Mihir23192 @mihir23192

It's been a while since I wrote a last blog post. Lots of things were going and I am sure the same is the case with you. The new year has started and we have embarked on a new journey.

It’s been awhile, but it’s 2016 now!
As a tradition, I was writing few resolutions year on year but I wont do this time. There are several lessons I learned in past 1-2 years which I want to share with you here. When I write a blog post generally it's less for you but more for me.

Travels teaches you alot, makes you free.

In Last Nov 2014 I completed 4000 kms trip lasting over 17 days. I completed Navsari-Pune-Goa-Kerala-Pune-Navsari. The trip was a solo trip and It was fascinating. I was living with locals and some foreigners. There was lot of things I came across which was new for me. I will write a detailed post on it someday but what I learnt was, India is not that bad as much News Anchors want you to believe.

Second, the more you travel, the more you come to know about the reality, experiences and learnings. Your beliefs break, thinking widens and horizons expand. You become more free and you become fearless. You become more confident and ready to take challenges and risks. Happy Travels.

Manage Focus(Attention), not Time :

I am sure you all have read several books over Time Management, then you tried to manage your time and let's accept you failed. Miserably. History repeats 😀 I am no void. But over time I realized that It's not about time management it's about Focus management.

Productive people try to manage their Attentions & Focus rather than Time. When you manage your focus, time takes care of itself.

In my case, I was trying to accomplish lot of things at the same time. I took a concious decision in Dec 2014 and I benefited enormously. Once I realized it's important I have become ruthless about it. You should be too.

We always COPY!

No matter what but we all are copy-cats. No matter how much you think you are different from anybody else, ultimately we are all copy-cats.

The concept of Role Model is also an another form of replicating something. Successful people replicate other successful ones and losers replicate other losers.

The point I am trying to make is, checkout whom you are imitating, whom you are putting as your Ideals, Role Models. Check out whom you are want to be like.

I want to think like Charlie Munger, work like Elon Musk & Invest like Warren Buffett.

The premise we need to test is, Do you have valid and appropriate ideals from whom you want to copy?

When I see few people, I see they copy Akshay Kumar & Salman Khan. There is not a problem as far as they want to get into Bollywood Industry and want to hit hard.

Think about it.

Study of Psychology a Life Long Pursuit

Lately, I have been reading alot about Psychology & behavioural science. And I must say, it's fascinating. In hindsight when I look at every successful person, I see they understand Psychology of Human Mind so well. Knowingly or Unknowingly.

This thing helps you in career growth, negotiation, investing, decision making, choosing life partner and what not. I personally feel everything related to Psychology in this word and everything is the derivation of the same.

I am also in pursuit of learning this thing deeply but I am giving a notice here. Because Socrates says, ""I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.""

Multi-disciplinary Thinking

Over the years, since I completed my 12th I have worked in several fields. Everytime I met my friends from school after very long time, they were puzzled by coming to know another field I am getting into. Until last year, I was doubting myself whether I am doing it right or not.

The questions I was asking myself was Am I going crazy by Jumping over to various fields and industries? Will I get benefited or I am putting my career on Risk?

But Lately I have realized that working in different Industries have helped to develop better Insights of Business World and Worldly Wisdom. Great Accomplishers of the world cherish such experiences though it doesn't fit into Resume machinery complex where you get paid based on what you know.

Process Vs. Outcome

Being into Investing from last 2 years, I have come to know very powerful idea of Process Vs. Outcome. Our society always focus on Outcome to take judgements or form opinions on something. We have always carried the same idea in our lives.

But when you see the life of a successful person, what you will observe is, Process is more important than an outcome. Success is all about favouring the odd in your favour and continue attempting for a success. If you follow this than there will be a change of success.

But for that useful process shall be in place. This applies to every field of work, irrespective of size, geography, time frame.

This is a very powerful idea. I can't emphasize enough.

These were the things to share from my end.

It’s been awhile, but it’s 2016 now!
THanks for reading.

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