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It's Back! TRIO Toffee Chocolate Biscuit Bar

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
It's Back! TRIO Toffee Chocolate Biscuit Bar
Trio was a very popular chocolate biscuit back in the 1980's, which was probably better known for the shouty "I want a Triiiioo and I want one NOW' adverts than for it's flavor. Seeing as I'm slightly *ahem* older than most snack bloggers out there, I can vouch for just how iconic and memorable those adverts were. 
Along with the 54321 chocolate biscuit bar, the Trio was one of my favorite chocolate treats as a young child. Although, I didn't actually realize that the Trio was still around until as late as 2003, I thought this brand had disappeared much earlier than that. 
It's Back! TRIO Toffee Chocolate Biscuit Bar
I like the fact the the new Trio bars are wrapped in gold foil with an outer red paper wrapper, rather than plastic. It enhances the retro and nostalgic feel of the experience and it's certainly how I remember the Trio from back in the day.
It's Back! TRIO Toffee Chocolate Biscuit Bar
The Trio is so named because it's made up of three elements; chocolate, biscuit and a toffee layer. It also consists of three distinctive and chunky segments. The best part of the original Trio for me was just how thick the outer chocolate layer was and I'm pleased to see that's still the case here. In fact the whole thing instantly brought back memories of eating these as a kid. The inner layers are both really tasty, with a light and crunchy biscuit base and a caramel leaning toffee, but it's the thick chocolate that makes these so memorable for me. 
I do remember the toffee as being a bit lighter in color and creamier then it is here, but I'm not sure my memory can be relied on after all this time! Regardless, the Trio is still a delicious biscuit bar and one that I'm very glad to see return. I hope this is a limited edition that will be around for a little while longer! 
Grocery Gems Review: Trio Chocolate Biscuit Bar

RATING: 9 out of 10.Buy them again?: Yes!

Nutrition: 124 calories each.
Purchased: Asda.
Price: £1.00p for six 23.6g biscuit bars.

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