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It's All About Elections On Tuesday

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
It's All About Elections On TuesdayTrivia will be happening this Tuesday night, November 6th at 8:30 PM, and the Special Category will be "US Election Trivia," in honor of Tuesday being Election Day. It will be seven questions connected to elections in America in one way, shape or form. The Q Train lightning round will be "US Senators Trivia." I will give you the names of ten US states, and you have to tell me the current breakdown of that state in the Senate. It can be "2 Democrats", "2 Republicans" or "1 Democrat and 1 Republican." And it will be BEFORE this Election Day. (And any states with Independents won't be included.)
The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
"In what state is the Kennedy Space Center located?"
We had a great turnout last week for Trivia after our long hiatus, and I hope we can build on that. And remember to vote before you come out to Trivia on Tuesday night!

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