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It Goes By Fast

By Myjoneses
When you have children everyone tells you to enjoy it; especially while they are young because it goes by so fast.  You think, yeah that's what everyone says.  And you leave it at that, because honestly you can't fully comprehend their experience you've just begun your journey in parenthood.
I had Cyrus when I was 22, becoming a mother was life altering.  I went from taking care of myself to having an infant that depended on me 24/7.  In the hospital I had this beautiful, amazing little baby that I couldn't have been more in love with.  But when it was time to go home I remember thinking, I can't believe they are just letting me leave with this little baby, I have no idea what I am doing!
Eventually we figured it out and I've learned just as Cy grows and experiences more so will I as a mother.  And the same goes with Sage.  Although I do have some experience now, you learn that the second child is always a step ahead of you and picks up on things a bit faster with someone to look up too.
It Goes By Fast
It Goes By FastSean and I are just starting out on our journey in parenthood, but somewhere down the road it did click, yes this will go by fast.  We've officially joined the "everyone" group, as we tell others with babies and toddlers, enjoy it now, it goes by fast.
It Goes By FastThe past year has flown by, it seems like we turned around and Sage is 1 year old and Cy is about to start Pre-K.  Every moment in life is fleeting.  But we get to choose how we live each one.  This is our life, this is my childrens' childhood and it is what we make it.

It doesn't matter how clean this house is, how much money we have, how tired or busy we get. Our boys will remember what we made of it and how we spent it with them.
It Goes By Fast
It Goes By Fast
It Goes By FastSo for the most part I don't mind playing Sage's pick up game with him every time he drops something from his high chair even when we're going on the twentieth time.  I don't mind chasing him around a shoe store, while he claps and grabs every shoe in sight.  I don't mind letting Cy wear his clothes backwards because he wanted to dress himself or eating mushy lettuce and tomatoes because he asked to help mix the salad for dinner.
Some day I'll be reliving these moments over and over again in my head, looking back at all the times we had with our boys.  We laughed and smiled tonight while they took turns screaming at the top of their lungs while they chased each other around the living room.  Some day they'll be grown and our house will be quite.
Some day we'll look back and say wow, we're so glad we enjoyed it.  Because it did go by too fast.It Goes By FastSubscribe in a reader

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