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It Gave up the Ghost ......

By Sue15cat
It gave up the ghost ......
Way back in 2010 I was asked by a company to review some of their products, I was given free rein to choose anything I wanted from their website and chose two products that I really needed and one that I wanted.  See HERE for the original post.
Yesterday one of the items, my salad spinner gave up the ghost on me, well a bit of plastic flew out of the lid and it no longer spins ... not good for a salad spinner!!  Until I looked back on the blog I had no idea that this has been in regular use for the last six years.  Definitely a product I would recommend, now I just have to find a replacement that will hopefully last me as long,
It gave up the ghost ......
I have a plan to use the main body of the spinner and the basket as a planter, maybe for herbs on the kitchen windowsill, but I can't think of anything that I can do with the broken lid, I can't even get it apart.  So I will put it in the recycling box and see if they can take this kind of plastic.
Something else that are still in daily use and going strong are the tea towels that we were sent, five years ago and posted about HERE it seems that some things are made to last.
Sue xx

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