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It Appears I Have a Week to Take a Breather

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert

It appears I have a week to take a breather. Spring Break. I don't recall the last time I looked forward to Spring Break but I imagine it was 1998 when our Sr. class flew to California. 2012's Spring Break will not be quit as exciting but I inteed to attempt it.
I had a huge Psyc exam yesterday which I didn't fail nor ace. I have heard what the scores where of some of my classmates and I must say I'll take my grade happily. It's tough. As far as I know no one else in my class has chosen Psyc as a major and absolutely have no interest in pursuing it further. Most are happy not to fail since it is a requirement. Myself on the other hand, don't the class lightly.
Todays most exciting moment.....I finally have medication to cure my ailing bladder. To whom ever is responsible for the crappy kidneys I inherited: I don't like you.
If by some chance you have never been forchanant enough to experience a bladder, kidney or UT infection let me draw you a picture. Imagine the feeling that you get when you have seriously needed  to pee for approximately 12 hours and times it by 3. Are you imagining it? Good. Now, think about that "my eye balls are floating and I need to find a place to squat RIGHT NOW" feeling 45 times a day. You drop what your doing, run to the potty, jerk the 2 year old off the pot, and pee 14 nails and 17 gallon of acid. Ok, what feels like 17 gallon of acid in reality, is only 3.4 drips of urine. Ugh. And if your lucky, the ticked off 2 year old you jerked off the thrown in a hurry will beat both your shins with a toy rifle while your already doubled over in pain far worse then any of your labors while demanding to examine the camode water and toilet paper you wiped with because it is the most fabulous color orange from the AZO your eating like candy. :)
On a happier note.........Happy Hump Day tomorrow. May you pee in comfort and peace.

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