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Isolated, but Sane and Thriving

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Chocolate Brown Safari Jacket and Shawl Please Note: This post is my current state of mind. It might not make you feel better about anything and won't even give you any tips on how to live in isolation.
In these times (popularly known as the ’Unprecedented Times’) one question that I have asked and answered the most is, “How are you coping with the self-isolation?" - and my answer is, “Surprisingly well! I was made for this shit.”. It feels like the better part of the past decade was my test run and now the LIVE version of that test has launched. I didn’t know but I was preparing for staying sane during self-isolation all this while *shrug emoji*.
Right now my life in the confines of my house involves - doing my job (work from home), nourishing my body (cooking daily), staying active (home workout for the win), and finding joy in my hobbies which I had cultivated all this while (yoga, coloring, reading, podcasting, etc.). The truth of the matter is that I have not been feeding any energy to the 'isolation' or 'crisis'. It is what it is. I am taking the recommended precautions and using my privilege of having the option to move-on with my day as I normally would.
One thing which has changed though is that I am more in touch with my friends and family than before. I never used to make phone calls or participate in WhatsApp chats because I truly do not like talking on the phone mindlessly. Also, for me the only thing worse than in-person smalltalk is smalltalk via texts. Lately, I am trying to break out of my dislike for the medium and calling all my loved ones regularly and answering all my calls no-matter-what. Fun fact: My phone has been on silent for the last decade. So by the end of this crisis if nothing else I will be on the top of favorite-family-members-list of my whole khaandaan (extended family). #PersonalBrandingDuringCOVID
On a serious note though, the world has been forced to hit the pause button, and it is the only silver lining of this situation. We have collectively been forced to analyze our actions and its consequences. Earth is hitting reset because we proved incapable of doing so ourselves. And this scenario does not scare me. What does scare me is the human stupidity because if we become extinct it would be because stupid people decided to socialize and spread the virus around. *eye roll emoji*

As I see it, I do not have much control over anything. All I can do is stay indoors and avoid any outside contact and hope that everyone else is doing the same. After that it’s out of my hands. That brings me to two scenarios, both of which lead me to the conclusion that worrying today will not solve anything:
A. We overcome this crisis in a few months and start rebuilding this world with, better intentions and a plan for sustainability.
B. We (or may be just I?) don’t survive the crisis (because I came in contact with someone stupid) and in that case what’s the point about being anxious and worried today?
So as you can tell my pragmatic brain takes over and then I cannot waste any time crying over spilled milk. Better to follow a routine, live in the moment and let everyone that matters to you know that you love them.
I should mention that for a hot minute, I did through the cycle of - fear and asking myself what-if and wondering about my personal and financial security. But that didn’t last long. I went back to my default setting: Whatever happens, happens for the best. Even when it is not ‘the best’ for me in short term, one thing I have learned in my life it is that eventually everything works out. You just gotta keep moving forward.

Photography By Hafsa
Back in February I had a fun shoot collaboration with Hafsa on a sunny winter morning. What a gorgeous day it was and we had so much fun. Check out her Instagram here. Chocolate Brown Safari Jacket and Shawl Chocolate Brown Safari Jacket and Shawl Chocolate Brown Safari Jacket and Shawl Chocolate Brown Safari Jacket and Shawl Location - Union Market, Washington D.C.
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