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Isn't It Ironic, I Post About My Grandparents Yesterday, ...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Isn't it ironic, I post about my grandparents yesterday, and today my Granny is admitted with Pneumonia. This year has really taken a toll on us between her first being admitted with a blood clot in her lung then Daddy having open heart surgery. Here we are once more. Getting old stinks!! I have saw my share of hospitals in the last two months to last a lifetime.
Yesterday was quit hairy in the Smith household. Pey had some issues at school with a cocky, ignorant, self absorbed teacher. It's handled. Danny says I done rather well hiding my crazy. Sadly I do have a touch of trailer park trash that seeps out when my children are involved.  Danny does as well. Don't let that man lie to you. He was ready to go to jail over Peyton last Fall and dang near almost did!!! SMH!!! I am 100% supportive when I know they are in the wrong.......but when I know they were not........Katie bar the door.
This weekend we will be taking the kids to Lexington to visit my sister, Michelle, and her family. My niece, Carly, will be turning 3. I am ready for a couple days with the hubs. He has been gone all year and only coming in a few hours at time. The things that man does so I can have my kitchen remodeled. Thank you dear. I am so excited to have it remodeled. We spend more time in there than anywhere in the house. It will be such a nice place to be able to prepare meals and the kids will have a place to sit at the bar and do homework. Currently we have no way to be together as a family in that space. But in approximately 4 weeks that will change. I signed the contract today as well as picked doors, counter color, back splash, ect.  Having a new sink that will hold more then a plate and cup will be the highlight. As well as a new fridge that will actually hold enough food to feed my small ball team. We will have some electrical work that needs to be done as well as some plumbing, but Danny will be able to do all that. He picked up the ability to do that when we build on to the house 4 years ago and remodeled one bathroom. I can't wait to post the before and after photos.
So, happy Thursday to y'all. I hope the weekend coming up is wonderful. March is on it's way.

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