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Is Underfloor Heating Easy to Install?

By John Lawless @BestHeatingUK
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The idea of underfloor heating is generally always a positive one.

Whether it invokes dreamy memories of a one-off luxury spa day, or relaxing thoughts of the jacuzzi area you love to kick back in after a hard session at the gym (10 minutes in my case), underfloor heating is something many aspire to have in their own home.

However, a lot of people will be put off by the potential intrusion an underfloor heating installation would cause in the home, as well as the perceived price.

But is it really that bad? Or expensive in relative terms?

This blog will seek to answer the age-old (ok, decade-old at a stretch) question, is underfloor heating easy to install? And we’ll also offer up an idea on potential costs for different underfloor heating fittings.

As the nearby personal trainer might say as I enter the gym ready to put in the work for all of one sixth of an hour, let’s get to it…

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The increasing popularity of Underfloor Heating

First and foremost, the increasing popularity of underfloor heating in residential UK properties indicates it may not be as troublesome to install, or as expensive, as you might initially think.

Especially in more modern properties such as new-build homes, underfloor heating can actually be fitted with relative ease, and minimal unnecessary disruption caused to surrounding fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Is Underfloor Heating easy to install?

The advantages of Underfloor Heating

Now, as we’ve said, most people will have only positive associations with underfloor heating, with connotations of luxury and relaxation most likely. But what are the actual benefits it can bring to your home and everyday life?

Firstly, perhaps more so than other heating solutions, it can deliver an even distribution of warmth throughout each room it is installed in.

And whilst you will never ever hear of BestHeating putting you off investing in designer radiators, it can remove the need for multiple radiators in specific rooms, helping you to save money in the short and long term.

For instance, lovely warm underfoot tiling would be a dream to step out of the bath or shower onto, and depending on your bathroom size, you could probably get by with just a heated towel rail for company.

Underfloor heating is also very easy to run and requires hardly any maintenance. You can set on/off commands for specific times of the day via a programmable thermostat, or with a SMART WiFi thermostat depending on your preference. Though with the constantly evolving benefits and features associated with modern home heating, perhaps the latter option is best. You can find out more in our Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Heating Controls before coming to a decision.

Finally, it would be remiss of us to fail to mention that underfloor heating is as versatile as James Milner.

You really do have free design reign in your home with an underfloor heating system of any sort. Wall and floor space is maximized, and the systems are suitable for fitting with any kind of floor.

Carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate, stone, tiling. All good to go.

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Can I install Underfloor Heating by myself?

Of course, it might seem a monumental task and a huge overhaul to introduce underfloor heating to your home, but DIY enthusiasts could actually be able to complete an electric underfloor heating system installation by themselves.

You need to feel comfortable and able to do so, so if there’s more “you’re bloody useless” than “that looks great!” shouts in your typical DIY jobs, it’s probably best to leave the work to a qualified electrician.

Either way, you’ll want to gain some professional help in the planning process, to make sure you have a properly installed underfloor heating system when all is said and done.

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