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Is This Thing On?

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

Hey. It’s me. Robert.

How are you?

So this is one of those dumb blog posts where the writer is like “Hey, sorry for not posting in X weeks. But I’m back and going to do better this time.”

Then all the readers are like “Who cares, dude? I forgot you even existed.” Unsubscribe.

So, yeah, I’m doing that right now, except it’s been like months, not weeks. But, even though I’m that blogger guy right now, I’d like to think I’ve built up a little trust with those of you who read 101 Books for a long time. I mean we’ve made it through 1,200 mildly incoherent posts over the better part of 6 years here!

The fact is that, several months ago, I just flat out burned out. Even after cutting back my posting schedule to three days a week, I couldn’t stay motivated. The difficult part of this blog is that I’m not just writing a blog, like most bloggers. I’m reading a crapload of books on top of writing a crapton of blog posts.

But I can’t let this die. I’m so close to the end. With only 13 books to go, I’m so close to reaching the finish line. I never intended to take a long break on this project, but I did. And I honestly feel more refreshed and ready to tackle this project down the homestretch.

In the end, my hiatus might have been for the best. Instead of powering through, hating the books and dreading writing a blog post every day, I’ve had a much needed break.

I’m not going to commit to a schedule, but I plan on posting 2-3 days a week for now.

So if you’re reading this right now. Thanks for hanging around even after I disappeared off the blog unexpectedly for months. I really appreciate you guys.

I plan on taking a look at the remaining 13 books in my next post. Let’s finish this thing!


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