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Is This Really That Was Meant to Be?

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

We are the people of India, a country that boasts about the secularism, the religions which we follow whether wholeheartedly or superstitiously. A land where gods and goddesses are followed with a belief of attaining full faith in divinity one day. The incident that happened in the capital on Sunday came indeed as a shocking one.
I just want to ask people out there, have we lost our shame? Do the human in us has died? Rather I would say it has been rendered extinct. The tender emotions, those feelings for one another are dying out slowly. This independent India is what our ancestors or freedom fighters dreamt of? No! It can't be true. It simply doesn't make any sense.
The kaliyug has cast its shadow on the mankind may be that's the reason why such evils are being imbibed in the human society. The law, the order, the oath that we people take as kids that we will not do any work that will let down our creator, our parents is being overshadowed by these evils. But do we also forget the true fact of Karma? The true facets of the society which every inividual has to bear in this very own life?
We should learn the fact that 'What goes Around, Comes Around', this has happened every time and will continue to happen as we ourselves has claimed that life is like a cycle that's why I suppose we say the life-cycle. I am severely shocked to the core that such brutality also exists in our society.
It's a humiliation that such crimes happen in India where we claim that we are a worshipers of Durga, Kali, Laxmi and numerous gods and on the other side these crimes with gruesome brutality are committed  on the holy land. This is contradictory not only to our claims but also to the humankind. We say that we are civilized, but this doesn't even happen in uncivilized places which I regret to my deep core.
Is it a crime to step out of house? Or is it a crime to protect someone and in return land up in an ICU with multiple injuries in a condition so fatal that your life is in danger. Lying there, on the hospital bed, counting seconds on the clock. Is it true justice? Where is the law? The order? Our roads have become so unsafe that gives home to such crimes and criminals? I am sorry to say looking at this gaffe, even animals are more civilized than us humans! They also have emotions, they also even care!
What was the reason I don't know, neither I was there  at the time when this happened, but whatever may be the reason, this is not the solution to any of the frustrations or irritations or insecurities that the were suffering from. God has given us right to live, to enjoy nature and also bear the fruits of our karma  but I don't see any right given which says go and play with lives and feelings of other people!
This is not only shocking but this gruesome incident is one of the severe cases of brutality in history of mankind. We say "save the  girl child", I would like to ask Why? For this? Just a  mere influence of alcohol has made us so weak that we can't control our emotions, our feelings? Its a high time now! Not only for the government but for people also. It's a time for action, one step can decide the future. The choice made can provide justice as well as can provide injustice.
Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.

   -Albert Einstein
We should take severe step in this case which would not only prevent it from happening again but also to provide justice to the alive corpse battling for life making every second count. It's very easy to blame the police for not committing to its sole duties but we should understand that in a city with Crores of people a handful of policemen can't be allocated everywhere. The main thing to be implemented is the fear of law. We should concentrate our focus on the severity of the issue and not on who whe why it was committed!
Instead of providing a commoration to them, we should wipe off the dirt and dust out of society once and for all. What face we would show to the world? That come to our country and get raped?   No! this is not the India for which our great ancestors fought for!   One request to the government, This is intolerable and unacceptable in the society that too in a sacred land where millions of gods and goddesses reside. Please , please make a decision so fast and take action so severe that even the seven lives of these rapists think  a million times before committing such crimes.
Law is made for the people, by the people and anybody is found breaking the law is liable to punishment. In this case the punishment, I don't know what it will be, but keeping my fingers crossed for getting  an action by the government which provides a fair justice to the victim and a belief is created in people about the law. Moreover, a fear of law for the people who refuse to cross the lines thinking that what will happen? nothing! A note for them that nothing will happen here on earth, but what face they will show to god? One day will come when they will also be having daughters. What will they say to them?
Hoping to hear some good news about the recovery of the girl and the culprits burning in hell for committing such  a heinous crime soon.
Finally, For all people out there, I would like to share one thing with you all........
Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

   -Malcolm X

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