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Is There a Garbage Barge Lackey Can Be Dumped Off On?

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
After all, he's pitching like a garbage-time pitcher.
MLB's worst starting pitcher lived up to his reputation on the Fourth of July by putting the Red Sox in a 7-0 hole by the third inning against Toronto.
The Red Sox scored four in the fifth and three in the eighth, but it was ultimately not enough as the Canadians won the day, 9-7.
Lackey is simply beyond a joke. Allan at Joy of Sox has a great "Fourth of July" take on the whole Lackey Mess.
He is Theo Epstein's worst free agent signing by far, and maybe the worst ever (although Barry Zito by the Giants is close). Just think fans, we have to endure 3 1/2 more years of this nonsense. The Sox are on the hook to approximately $56 million to this guy.
I don't know which makes me more ill: watching Lackey pitch or the "Wide World of Gluttony" that goes on in Coney Island every July 4th. Fortunately I passed on the latter.
And BTW, why does ESPN cover that rubbish anyway? It's NOT a sport. As the late, great George Carlin observed, and it can be applied to "competitive eating":
"Something we all can do can't be a sport!"

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