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is That Real? – the Leather Sleeved Jacket

By Reasonstodress

Reasons To com that real gotham city spring coat

I totally bought into this trend and got myself the above featured real leather sleeved parka for 70 euro (under $100) here.


is that real? – the leather sleeved jacket
is that real? – the leather sleeved jacket
is that real? – the leather sleeved jacket

I know this sounds totally silly but when I wear things like this jacket I feel cool! I’m such a loser!

It can’t just be me, otherwise this whole “The Crow” trend everyone is wearing wouldn’t have taken off.

The good thing about being a work at home mom, aka stay at home mom by day, and internet worker by night, is that your wardrobe no longer needs to be “office appropriate”. So even though this jacket may make me look like a thug,  I love it!  I love the freedom I have to be a different character with each outfit.

I was going to post about the children’s fashion fair Pitti Bimbo tomorrow, but instead I’ll be analyzing this whole “Gotham City” trend!

The Real McCoy


$1746 – not on sale, found here

This jacket is sold through the Paris, France store L’Eclaireur.



If you work in fashion you’ve heard about L’Eclaireur before, and when you speak about this store your eyes become wide with wonderment, like you are speaking  about The Holy Grail of luxury retail.

L'Eclaireur Paris

I’ve met the owners Armand Hadida and his wife Martine many times. First of all because their son Michael Hadida runs the Paris Fashion Fair TRANOI, which is the central hub of all things edgy, dark and “gotham” in the fashion world. And our brand has exhibited at this Fair many times.  But I also know Mr. and Mrs. Hadida because they are our customers.

Martine and Armand Hadida

The L’Eclaireur store, which literally translates into the word “scout”, is exactly that.  Martine and Armand are always the firsts to discover a brand with staying power, and promote them on an international level.  They became our clients and so began a relationship with this luxury Paris institution.


From there, we continued to sell the belts that L’Eclaireur had bought because other store owners would say “I saw your belts in the window of L’Eclaireur, please give me exactly what you gave them!”.


I’ve mentioned before here and here, that just because our clients sell jackets for 6,000 euro doesn’t mean WE, the lowly small leather artisan brands of the world, have that kind of money to spend on clothes.


So I am always on the look out for clothes that make me look like money without actually having to spend any!  And so I found this parka with REAL leather sleeves and all the characteristics that fit into the “Gotham City” jacket trends, that I’ll be outlining tomorrow.


The Real Deal!

Real Leather Sleeved Parka on sale for $92 found here

There’s just something about the real leather sleeves on this jacket that would give me enough confidence to wear it as though I were wearing a 17 hundred dollar jacket!


I could totally picture myself strolling through Paris or New York while wearing it, but I’m happy with Bologna anyday!


Right now at Mango and Zara you can also find a million versions of this coat on sale.  OR if you are handy with a sewing machine, why not transform a used leather jacket and a used black denim jacket into this style?  I just got my sewing machine, so for now I’ll be sticking to pillow cases and puppets,  but we’ll see what I come up with in 10 year’s time!


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