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Is That Real? The Festive Lace Top

By Reasonstodress

Cream Lace Top for the holidays

The Real McCoy

Dolce & Gabbana Silk and Lace Top – $845

This top is elegant, feminine and delicate,  perfect for the holiday parties whether they be with family, friends of colleagues.  Easily worn with a pencil skirt, full mini skirt, leather look pants, or jeans with over the knee boots.

It is 75% silk and of course it is Dolce and Gabbana (oh and did I mention since this is imported from Europe you pay hefty import fees also!.

Is That Real?  The Festive Lace Top

I love this top,  I think it is a great December alternative to the cheesy gold lamé and silver options that always seem to crop up this time a year.  Personally I think if you want to wear gold, Fall’s the time (at least you’ll fit in with nature, I did a post about it here ).  Hmmm maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to this winter white blouse.

In any event,  if you also like the idea of a delicate lace blouse, but you don’t have $850 bucks lying around or you have to do more important things with that money.  You know frivolous things like “eat” and “provide for your family” or perhaps “put a roof over your head”,  here is a fantastic alternative.

The Real Deal

Forever21 Angora Rabbit Hair and Cotton Overlay Top – $12

Lace Overlay

Actually $11.99, I KNOW!!! It’s on sale from $23 (not that $23 is expensive) so it is such a super steal.  It’s not even  polyester it is cotton and angora.  Well, ok, let’s be honest, there is some nylon and spandex in this top, however, even the Dolce and Gabbana top has nylon and spandex in it too. So there.

The Mom Potential

If your child loves chocolate (like mine) maybe you want to think twice before wearing a white or cream blouse.  However, if your child is still a baby and drinking breastmilk or formula this is the holiday top for you!

When my son was a milk-drinker, and also a milk-vomiter,  all the black tops I wore to make me look thin, ended up looking like fake zebra tops from the amount of gross baby spit-up, that was often left on my back, shoulders, stomach and sleeves.  I still had to loose the 18 kg (39.6 lbs) of pregnancy weight I had gained (my son was less than 6 lbs when he was born so that was ALL thigh, butt, hip and stomach padding) and was nervous about how I looked.

My advice for new moms is to wear cream, because then, after the first spit-up of the evening you don’t feel self-conscous because no one can tell! This way when you get to spit-up number three, you’re such a pro at just smearing it into your blouse (that you only paid $12 for, so who cares about it anyway!) that no one hardly notices.

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