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Is Taking Your Kids To A Playgroup Important?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10062401 Is Taking Your Kids To A Playgroup Important?

I have attended playgroups or mother and toddler groups as they are called in my area in the past but as my anxiety grew so did the fear of returning to them. I have always felt self-conscious and would dread going to them. I would be the mother walking in alone, struggling to open the door with a large tank of a double pushchair and a wailing toddler wrapping herself around my ankles as I walked. It was difficult taking all three younger children out alone.

I never found the mother and toddler groups that welcoming, yes they eventually made ma a cup of tea and gave me a dried out biscuit but none of the other mother’s ever made the effort to come and sit and talk with me.

“It’s good for them, they get to play with other kids” I would hear other mothers say. I reasoned that because I have 6 children they had always had plenty of other kids to play with anyway.

Looking back I do regret stopping going, or should I say being unable to attend. The children did enjoy it, it was me who didn’t.

Perhaps had they have had a depressed mums drop in group I would have felt more at home.

But is it important that we take our kids to a playgroup in the first place? Yes if you’re looking to meet other mums this gives you the great opportunity to do so, that is if they talk to you. Had I have had a friend to go with, it would not have been so traumatising.

I also got frustrated when other children were allowed to hit and bite and the mothers were far too busy chatting over coffee to notice.

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