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Is It Wrong to Trick a Man into Pregnancy?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Is it wrong to trick a man into pregnancy?

A question that I often see come into my inbox on Facebook is “ Would I be wrong to trick my partner into having a baby”?

I try to always see the story from both sides and it is so difficult not to judge. We have mums who are desperate to have an other baby but their partners are happy with what they have and don’t want more children.

I know a few mothers who are even contemplating leaving their partners because she wants more kids while he doesn’t. But is is ever right to trick a man into becoming a father?

Personally I believe when you are planning a baby as lets face it not all babies are planned, but when they are should it not be a decision for both in the relationship?

Even when a mum says she knows he would be happy and stand by her and be a good dad if she were to “accidentally” get pregnant, I have to say I am stuck on the fence. While I would never suggest doing this, I can see why some women do.

Its an interesting debate and while many will say its totally wrong, if you were desperate for another baby and your partner said No, would you become less careful with your contraception? Or would you accept his choice?

I would love to hear your views …


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