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Is It Too Late To Get Your Ex Back If You’re Blocked?

By Louise Hadley
Is It Too Late To Get Your Ex Back If You’re Blocked?

You want to get know exactly what to say to your ex to get him/her back.

You want to know what you have to do to get your ex to want you back.

You want to let your ex know that you have changed, and the same things that caused the relationship to go south in the first place will not happen again.

You have so many things to share with your ex, and you feel excited to let your ex see the new you.

But there's just one big problem: You are blocked and you have no idea how to get in contact with your ex.

And the biggest question in your mind right now is: "Is it too late to get my ex back now that I'm blocked?"

So here's the million dollar question that you've been wanting to know: Is it too late to get your ex back now that you been blocked?

The answer is...No, it's NOT too late if, and only if you do the right things from here on.

Understanding How Minds Change

One thing that you need to understand is that people change their minds ALL the time depending on the NEW experiences they have.

Read that again and let that sink in for a little bit.

Think about it - when you were with your ex at the start, I'm sure your ex must have said some affectionate things to you like "I love you always" or "I can't bear to be without you" or "I'm so glad you came into my life" or other words to this extent right?

But what happened? In the end you two still broke up.

Why? That's because of the principle that "People change their minds ALL the time depending on the NEW experiences they have".

I'm sure you must have changed your mind yourself many times like you said you were going to do one thing but then suddenly certain things happened and you changed you mind about it right? It's the same for your relationship.

Back then you probably didn't do what you did towards the end of the relationship. And when you did those things, that made your ex have a change of mind and change of perception of who you were.

So similarly, right now your ex can still have a change of mind as long as you give your ex a NEW positive experience from here on.

BUT, if you continue to do things the way you have always done, then not only is it too late, but you will have no chance of getting your ex back.

Understanding Why You Are Blocked

So before I get into what are the right things to do, you need to first understand the gravity of your situation.

Right now your ex has blocked you. That means you had said or done something that made your ex feel so uncomfortable that your ex sees the need to block you.

Think about it - there always has to be an action that you have taken that have caused your ex to block you. Chances are that you might have begged, pleaded, asked for another chance, said nasty things to your ex, or most likely something that would make your ex feel negative towards you.

If you hadn't done those things, then there wouldn't be a need to block you. So right now your ex has a very negative perception towards you and this is very important to note.

However, that doesn't mean you still can't get hold of your ex.

There are still many ways you can reach out to your ex. For example you could contact your ex from another number, another email, mutual friends, her physical address, new social media accounts, and so on.

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, do not attempt to contact your ex right now if you don't know what you're doing.

If you reach out now using those ways I mentioned above without the proper plan and knowing what to say, you will most likely be blocked again.

Again I repeat: Do not attempt to reach out to your ex now. You will need a proper plan in order to get your ex to respond to you.

So, the big problem is NOT in how to contact your ex, but what to say when you contact your ex.

Now, before I give you the exact plan to get your ex to unblock you and be in communication with you again, I want you to answer this very important question:

"Why do you think your ex blocked you?"

I want you to really think about it. This is crucial to know and will help you in understanding your ex's psychology.

Reasons Why You're Blocked

Here are some of the reasons I get from my clients when I ask them this question:

"Because I kept telling my ex to give me a chance and telling my ex that I will change"

"I kept begging and pleading with my ex and got blocked"

"I kept messaging my ex and asking who my ex is with"

"I said nasty things to my ex"

"I threatened to tell my ex's new lover about my ex's secrets"

"I kept calling my ex until I got blocked off everywhere"

"My ex caught me spying on my ex's Facebook account"

"I threatened my ex emotionally so I got blocked"

"I told my ex I still love her and want to be with her but she said she lost her feelings for me and blocked me"

"I kept saying I would change but I didn't so I guess he got tired of me and blocked me"

"He cheated on me and I would keep bringing it up and that annoyed him"

Did you find anything common among the statements made above?

So if you didn't realise why your ex has blocked you, it's because of one thing - you made your ex feel uncomfortable, and that linked pain in your ex towards you.

You see, the reason your ex has blocked you is because your ex is telling you "you are making me uncomfortable."

It's the same as you trying to avoid a very annoying person. Let me give you an example:

Imagine you have a colleague at work that is always asking you to give him money. Being very nice, you give him once but he never thanked you and even acts like you should have given him that money.

The next day he asks you for money again and this time you decide not to give him any money. He looks at you with a disgusted face and he starts gossiping about you behind your back.

The next day he sees you, he asks you for money again. But you refuse again and tell him to go away, and he now tells people how stingy you are.

Then the following day, he still goes up to you and asks you for more money, but you just walk away immediately. He starts calling you non-stop, messages you and even start pleading with you to give him money.

Now, will you still give him money or will you totally ignore him and try to avoid him whenever you can?

Obviously, you will avoid him and ignore all his calls and messages.


Because he is annoying and is making you uncomfortable.

Right now to your ex, that annoying person is you. Instead of you asking your ex to give you money, you are asking your ex to give you love and attention. In fact, you are demanding it.

What you had previously said and done was making your ex so uncomfortable that your ex wants to avoid you like the plague.

Understanding Two Core Human Principles

You see, we all make decisions in life out of 2 core human needs in general:

1) The need to avoid pain

2) The need to gain pleasure

So because of what you had done, it had let your ex feel pain towards you.

And what do we humans do when it comes to pain? We want to avoid it at all cost.

And that's why your ex blocked you. In short, you made your ex feel negative towards you, and that gave your ex a reason to block you.

If you really think about it, even you are doing everything you can right now to avoid pain and gain pleasure! And that's the reason why you are trying to get your ex back right?

You link pain to NOT having her. So you are doing everything you can to get her back, because you think that getting back with her will make you feel pleasure again.

So the way to get your ex to unblock you again, is to get her to feel pleasure towards you again, and eliminate all pain that she links towards you.

And how do you do that?

You do that by executing this 4-Step Plan:

Step 1 - RECOVER Step 2 - RENEW Step 3 - REACHOUT Step 4 - RE-ATTRACT

This plan has been responsible for helping hundreds of my clients all across the world get their ex to unblock them, have communication with their ex again, and eventually get back together.

Are you interested in knowing exactly how these 4 steps work?

Look out for my next blog post where I will reveal the 4 steps you need to get your ex to unblock you and be with you again.

To learn how to get your ex to link pleasure to you, click one of the choices below: Is It Too Late To Get Your Ex Back If You’re Blocked? Is It Too Late To Get Your Ex Back If You’re Blocked?

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