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Is It Really Hard to Change Information Technology of Your Business?

Posted on the 15 March 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last ten years; almost every business is reliant on information technology in one form or another. Even if you store your documents on the cloud and access software online there will be a requirement for computers and all the hardware and software which go with them. Unfortunately there comes a time when your business has outgrown its current systems and needs to embrace new ones. It is not as difficult as you think to change the information technology of your business; there are four key times when this may be necessary:

Going global

When your business expands sufficiently that you are able to offer a global service instead of a regional one you will need to upgrade the systems you use. Not only will your system need to provide knowledge to any company employee across the globe, it will also need to be able to collect information together from the various teams around the world. Every regional team will want to keep its own identity whilst embracing the new software; it can be a difficult yet rewarding process.

Moving applications

The cloud has become a very popular place to store documents and there are a great many new apps which run on the cloud. There are also hundreds of apps which can make life easier for everyone involved. Unfortunately, moving the applications also means updating and retraining your team to use the new systems effectively. This can be a challenging time and it is essential to get your team on board by seeking their input and helping them to understand the value of the new method of doing things. To make a successful transfer you will need to allow your staff time to adjust.

Domain changing

Adding an additional company or splintering your existing company will require you to purchase a new domain name. This also entails changing the communications systems in place both internally and externally. You may even need to change the way your staff log in and you will certainly need to advise your customers and suppliers. You must be patient and diligent when adjusting a domain name; this will ensure you have handled every possible ramification of the new domain.

Instigating it

The hardest thing about upgrading your information technology system is not the actual change; it is actually talking to your business partners and employees to locate the best possible product. Once you have selected this as a team you must focus on the best way of introducing and instigating the technology. Educating employees and having a united front are essential to arranging a successful integration.

Your current technological systems may be adequate for your current needs; it is advisable to consider the following points before you decide to change your systems:

  • Barriers to entry. The best software applications will provide you with a distinct advantage. If you can find one that offers a new service to your customers and provides a means of keeping them hooked then it is time to change your systems.
  • The best new information technology systems provide a support system that will quickly become comfortable with any user. This will ensure your customers are not eager to leave your services and can provide a competitive advantage.
  • If a new information technology system can help you to reduce costs, or to offer a unique service, then it is worth considering investing in one as you will gain a competitive advantage and maybe even a captive audience.
  • Balance of Power. A good system will enable you to order stock as and when you need it; this will correct the power advantage your supplier currently has as you will no longer need to expend valuable capital on stocking a wide variety of their products.
  • A decent purchasing system will allow your customers to create their own, unique design. This will not only be appealing but may well give you an advantage over your competition.

Upgrading an information technology system is not difficult; making sure you pick one that will add value to your business is. For a successful upgrade to occur you must keep the lines of communication open at all times.

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