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Is Fluoride Varnish Necessary

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Fluoride treatment is a common procedure done by many that helps in preventing tooth decay and also the formation of cavities. It is one of the many dental care procedures many undergo to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Fluoride varnish and gel are some of the products commonly used for this kind of treatment. They are applied directly to the teeth and allowed to stay for a while for fluoride action to take its course.

Before application, you have to undergo deep cleaning so that fluoride in these products work effectively on your teeth. Your dentist will get rid of plaque and other stains that are difficult to remove from your teeth. Polishing is another procedure that can be carried out afterward. Dentists use prophy paste during the process as it plays a crucial role in getting rid of all the stains from the surface of your teeth and leaving it smooth. They will proceed with fluoride varnish application after that.

The process is simple and non-invasive, contrary to what most people think. An applicator is used to spread fluoride varnish on your teeth which can then be removed after four to five hours. This is meant to give room for fluoride absorption on your teeth. It is usually removed through brushing and rinsing your mouth. There are several things you are not supposed to do while on such a treatment. Having any meal during the process is always difficult because you might find yourself swallowing the product. You are also advised to wait for some time after the procedure to consume hot foods and beverages or those that are hard and crunchy. Sensitivity is usually high after the process, so you have to wait for a while. Avoiding hot foods and beverages for a few hours after the procedure also lets fluoride work effectively to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy.

Why Fluoride Varnish Treatment is Necessary

Many remain unsure whether they should undergo fluoride varnish treatment or take their kids for such. Well, this is a better option if you want to keep your teeth in good shape. Here is why fluoride varnish treatment is necessary.

Promotes Growth of Strong Teeth

It is the primary benefit of undergoing such a procedure. Fluoride is a mineral known to strengthen the outer part of your teeth. The enamel is what makes up the bigger and stronger structure of your teeth. Having a weak one means your teeth will be the same. Fluoride works by eliminating different agents that weaken the surface of your teeth. It also helps in preventing demineralization, a process that may see your enamel wear out quickly. You should go for fluoride varnish treatment in a wonderful dental clinic to develop healthy teeth.

Curbs Bacteria Inhibition

Bacteria build up on your teeth is another thing that can lead to a wide variety of dental conditions. Fluoride varnish treatment is one procedure that will keep your teeth free from any bacteria. The mineral content in the product strengthens your enamel, reducing the chances of plaque or bacteria buildup. This is vital for strong and healthy teeth.

Prevention of Cavities

The other good reason why fluoride varnish is vital for your treatment is that it helps in getting rid of cavities. The formation of holes or cracks on your teeth could be as a result of bacteria action. This happens when bacteria found in the plaque on your teeth break down dietary sugars which lead to the production of acids. The acid produced can corrode your teeth leading to the formation of cracks and holes known as cavities. If not handled immediately, your situation may escalate, and the holes will develop deeper into your gums, leading to some severe pain and discomfort. Using dental fillings to cover your cavities is one of the options you have. The best thing to do is prevent their formation by underground fluoride treatment which helps in getting rid of bacteria and leaves your enamel stronger, keeping you free from cavities.

Alleviates Future Costs

Failure to take proper care of your teeth at an early stage may see your condition escalate, and you might be forced to pay on several treatments in the future. Do not wait for such to arise to start undergoing treatments. Going for fluoride treatment at an early age will keep your teeth healthy and stay free from future costs. It is also advisable to take your kids for such for them to develop strong and healthy teeth and avoid any costs that may arise for their treatments in the future.

Healthy Smile

Wearing a beautiful smile without healthy teeth is not a simple task. This is something that may deny you the joy that comes with smiling all the time. You will not be able to go about normal activities as usual. Fluoride varnish treatment can help restore your smile. It helps in getting rid of bacteria, which might result in a wide range of dental diseases. You will also develop strong and healthy teeth to show off anytime you want through a smile.

Fluoride varnish is one of the best and safest products to use for your treatment. You should use it as prescribed by a dentist or any other medical expert. Using it in excess will subject you to a wide range of conditions. You can experience fluorosis, and this will lead to the staining and wearing out of your teeth. Use it in the right amounts if you are doing it by yourself to avoid experiencing such after-effects. Letting a dentist or medical expert apply the product to your teeth is the best option. This is because of the experience they possess, which will help them identify the right concentration of fluoride for your treatment and also apply it correctly. Visit the nearest dental clinic to have this product applied to your teeth.

What you should understand is that the level of fluoride found in toothpaste and other dental care products is minimal compared to that which is in fluoride varnish and other products meant for fluoride treatment. You should not assume that you are carrying you the procedure automatically by brushing regularly or using other dental care products that contain the mineral. Using the right fluoride varnish products is also essential for your treatment. You have to look for the right brands of the product in the market. Some have been listed as the best when it comes to offering quality treatment. Do your research to find out which one is the best.

Visiting your dentist for some advice will help you pick a suitable product and that which offers quality treatment. These are people who are familiar with different fluoride varnish products in the market. They will guide you in choosing what they consider ideal for your kind of treatment and also advise of the right fluoride concentration for your teeth. It is ideal for those who are applying the product by themselves. Remember to be careful when applying, especially if you have bleeding gums or mouth injuries as fluoride in the product might find its way into your system. You should use the product for your treatment at least twice a year to keep your teeth in good shape all the time.

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