Is Dermaroller Right for You?

Posted on the 14 December 2015 by Voiceofrm @voiceofrm
Is Dermaroller Right for You?

If you have been looking into anti-aging treatments for your skin, you have probably heard that Dermaroller can be a great option. The question is whether or not it's right for you. So, let's take a look at what you can expect from Dermaroller and how it differs from other skincare treatments.Dermaroller is Also Known as Micro-Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy:
As you can probably tell by those names, the Dermaroller treatment has to do with both collagen and tiny needles. Collagen is an important protein made inside your body throughout your life. As a natural part of aging, collagen is produced in large quantities during adolescence and young adulthood, but older people's bodies don't make as much of it on their own. Instead, their collagen levels need a little bit of intervention to boost themselves back up again.The micro-needling process involves a technician rolling a tool across your skin. As they do that, the needles attached to the roller will penetrate your skin, causing minor damage to your cells. That purposeful damage will basically trick your body into making extra collagen to fix the problem, leading to healthier skin in the long run.

Dermaroller and Laser Treatment Comparisons:
You might be wondering how Dermaroller compares to Cosmetic Lasersas far as the treatment process and results. Well, that answer really depends on the type of laser. Fraxel lasers basically drill a series of small holes into the skin, which is similar to how Dermaroller works. The only difference is that there are no needles involved. It's all done by using heat and light. In either procedure, your skin would be numbed ahead of time. So, the discomfort would be minor.The two treatment methods are also similar in terms of appointment times. You should be able to get in and out in under an hour in most cases, but you will have to go back for ongoing treatments in order to get the best results.Recovery, on the other hand, varies a bit. In the case of Dermaroller, temporary side effects include oozing and bleeding. If you have laser treatment, that shouldn't usually be an issue. But you could experience redness, temporary swelling, and possibly minor blisters. Although, blisters are uncommon for those who undergo the right type of laser procedure for their skin.
Other Treatments That Are Available to You:
Of course, your options aren't limited to lasers and micro-needling. Botox injections can correct wrinkles, for example. Meanwhile, chemical peels are great at resurfacing the skin. So, you will have to make a choice based on the issues you are trying to correct, as well as your personal preferences and budget constraints. When you're making your decision, remember that there really is not perfect choice for everyone. That's why there are so many different methods of skincare. If your skin is oily, extra dry, scarred, or discolored, it could disqualify you from some procedures but make you a good candidate for others. All of that will be determined when you meet with a skincare expert.
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