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Is Carly Fiorina Lying About a Domain Registration? Seems So

Posted on the 06 May 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

We published a post earlier today about the domain name in response to 100+ stories published on how Carly failed to register the domain name and allowed a hater to get the domain and use it against her.

Today in response to all the stories but not ours, Carly told the Wall Street Journal today that she “Should Have Registered ‘ Before Critic Took It” and then told, “You can’t buy every domain name” which has now been repeated to other publications

Based on our research we believe that Carly’s company controlled the domain, and let the domain expire rather than pay the $10 annual fee to renew the .Org

Now for us at least the issue has become bigger.

If Carly is now saying she should have registered the domain or that you can’t registered every domain but the record is clear it sure seems she owned the domain and let it expired and drop.

If she is lying about owning a domain name,  that is not a great start for a Presidential election.

If she didn’t know she had control of it and let it drop it’s not much better.


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