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Ironic Cleaning

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls spent the night at Aunt Sue-Sue's house. It was a crazy night with a total of nine children from toddler to twenties. Somewhere along the way our girls and their friend Brooke started cleaning Josh's closet.
They went through his drawers to organize his clothes. They opened his closet and organized his clothing by type and color. They even cleaned his closet floor. When they were done with Josh's closet, they went to Nick's. They spent two hours cleaning closets.
As they told the story, I looked at the brunette twin and said, "Do you know what ironic means?" She said she wasn't entirely sure. I said, "Let me explain it this way. You won't clean your closet. Your drawers are such a mess that I try not to open them. Still, you spent two hours cleaning Josh's and Nick's dressers and closets."
She said, "Oh, so it's ironic that I don't clean my stuff, but I will clean theirs." Then she laughed. I don't think she'll start cleaning her stuff, but at least the definition of ironic is seared in her memory.

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