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IOTransfer Free Download & Review

Posted on the 11 October 2017 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog


ITunes is the best place to store and organised all your digital downloads including music, videos and online books. One of the major problems iOs users face is during sync. The sync first of all takes a lot of time and eats up storage and bypass this there are tons of softwares out there. But we found one which is both fast and minimal. This software " IOtransfer" is very easy to understand. Let's get started and read a full IOTransfer review post and IOTransfer free download now.

IOTransfer will give you access to your device along with the contents to transfer to your desired place.

IOTransfer is the most optimal 1-Click iOS file manager which is available for Windows. This software helps Apple users to manage their devices and data more easily and efficiently. IOTransfer helps to boost the transfer speed of the data. It's one of the best 1-Click transfer software which is quite minimal and can be used by young and adults.

With the help of IOTransfer you can transfer videos, fifa, music, photos, voice recordings, Voiceover and etc, from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your Windows PC with just a click and bulk transfers.

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How To Use?

Using IOTransfer is just as easy as slicing a cake. First of all you need iTunes in your Windows PC and without it you cannot access files on any iOS devices. Grant the necessary permissions. And that's all, now you can export, import data and manage your files, videos, movies, photos and music on your computer itself.

Even iTunes does the same thing but the main selling point of this software are these features :

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Download IOTransfer Software

IOTransfer Free Download & Review

IOTransfer is much quicker and smoother when compared to iTunes. Transferring 500-700 photos within a minute isn't a easy job. If you are looking to sync your files with your computer then the quick sync will easily do it hassle-free.

IOTransfer Free Download & Review

The powerful search bar helps you search files with ease. The software supports the latest iOS 11 and also latest iTunes 12.6.2.

The software being minimalistic lacks in one thing that's an inbuilt media player. The media player would have helped the users in case they wanted to delete a particular video. Of course, you can view pictures but not videos and music. Excluding that the software works like a charm.

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Overall this is a must buy for every iOS users who like to keep things organised and need access to their files immediately. The free iPhone manager is quite useful.

To be honest, I like the UI way to much but the con of it is that you cannot change the themes.

With the help of IOTransfer you can not only transfer files to your computer but also to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can also bulk delete photos, music, videos and other files.

IOTransfer is available for almost all Windows, Windows XP, Windows Visa, Windows 7, Windows 8,8.1 and 10. If you wish to try the software before investing money then you can download it from their website, although it has some limitations. Once you've made your mind, you can buy the software for $20 per user for a year. And if you would like to buy for more than one computer then you can get the 30$ pack for 3 users for one year. I'd say this a deal which cannot be missed.

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IOTransfer Free Download & Review

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