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Introducing Our New Teas

By Dchew78 @peonyts

We are very excited to introduce 4 more teas into our lineup, 3 Taiwanese High Mountain Teas with their unique characteristics and 1 classic Chinese Black Tea.

The Winter Harvest Teas are beloved for their sweetness and beguiling aftertaste and we brought in 3 at one shot.

1)   Alishan Jinxuan

The Jinxuan cultivar is also known as the milk oolong for its creamy texture and natural milky fragrance. The beautiful mountains of Alishan are perfect for growing this delightful cultivar, bringing out its natural milk taste.

2)   Alishan Oolong

Alishan Oolong is the one of the smoothest and sweetest oolongs around, exemplifying the charm of Taiwanese oolongs. Made from the Qingxin cultivar, it is more floral compared with the Jinxuan.

3)   Shan Lin Xi

With a deeper roast, the Shan Lin Xi oolong retains much of the sweetness of Alishan Oolong but adds more nuances and a stronger flavor.

4) Qimen Black Tea

Then we added the classic Qimen Black Tea- Keemun in Western speak- to our lineup. The distinctive fragrance of Qimen and the fruity honey notes has beguiled tea lovers all over the world for almost a century.

Now available in stores.

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