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Interview with Tomas De Bruyne from Tomas De Bruyne

By Epicluxuryweddings

Today we're super excited to share with you the interview of the successful florist and wedding professional Tomas De Bruyne! Tomas De Bruyne was always enchanted by the beauty of flowers but after taking a job in a flower shop, the "flower virus" caught him, as he said! Today is one of the most talented floral designers who has the skill and the knowledge to create mind blowing floral art installations and offer to his clients the best result. Tomas can transform any kind of wedding, celebration and event and brings it to the next level. He creates unique memories and expresses his client's emotions and visions through his creations. We had the opportunity to get to know him more through the following interesting interview. Keep reading and prepare to get inspired!

How did you get into floral design?
What ingredients make for a perfect event?
If I had to give a top 3, I would start with top experience. It's all about sharing emotions and creating unique experiences. Party entertainment comes in second, linked to the theme. The right decor can really set the mood. This applies to both wedding and business events. Thirdly: food and beverage, obviously a top part of the experience. I must add that our clients' expectations can vary depending on their focus and purpose of event. That is why we are very loved and known in the world of customized events, where we let the customer's DNA come to the surface. Actually, the flowers have found me. My girlfriend's parents had a flower shop. Because I wanted to spend more time with her, I started working in the shop. That's how, in addition to the love virus, the flower virus caught me.

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