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Interview with Nova Sparks – Part 2

By Readingromances

“I guess they didn’t expect a 5th grader to know about “alternative lifestyles”.”

And we’re back with author Nova Sparks, the author of the DOME! To read the first part of this interview go here and the review is here! Today she’ll be talking about why she wrote a lesbian story when she was 11, what’s coming next about the DOME trilogy and who would narrate her life if it was a movie.

Especially when you have such an unique plot! What are five fun facts about you or about the DOME trilogy books, that readers would love to know?
#1 lol. I tell people this all the time. I electrocuted myself when I was 12 and tried to hide it from my dad. I did it by Interview with Nova Sparks – Part 2sticking a Bobby pin in a electrical socket.
#2 I love dipping McDonald’s fries into my McFlurries. But it has to be an Oreo McFlurry. Speaking of… Remember the Butterfinger McFlurries? Why did they discontinue those? I loved that!
#3 I write books while eating Dulce de Leche ice cream and watching Roswell (TV SHOW). I bought the series on DVD.
#4 I named my main characters in the DOME after actors I wanted to play them in the TV show version when I originally wrote it. For example:the DOME’s main character Emma, I wanted to be played by Emma Stone (image).
#5 is a toughy… I love Morgan Freeman. If my life was a movie, Morgan Freeman would narrate it. (If God was talking to you, wouldn’t you expect him to sound like Morgan Freeman?)

What’s the craziest writing idea you’ve had?

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I wrote a book about two female friends who were the reincarnated versions of past lovers during the Salem Witch trials.

In 5th grade it was a big deal writing about lesbianism.Plus I was in a Catholic School.

I didn’t understand the problem then and I still don’t, now. I guess they didn’t expect a 5th grader to know about “alternative lifestyles” (such a textbook term). I guess that’s why I was deemed “the devil’s spawn” all through Catholic middle school.

What can you tell us about the next book, the DOME Revelation?
the DOME revelation will answer a lot of questions that were asked in Book 1. I’m excited about it (like I don’t already know what the answers are). I’m surprised people are looking forward to it. Book 2 will explain a lot of the things that happened in Book 1. For those who have read Book 1 (the DOME) you know that there are a lot of characters that don’t seem to have a big enough voice and a few scenes that aren’t fully explained. These characters will have a bigger voice and those scenes will be explained. Also, I am introducing some new important characters. I’m excited! Really, I am! More importantly, I am excited about the book cover. I’m looking for something equally as weird as the book cover for Book 1. And I can’t wait to make the book trailer for it and post it to youtube.
Interview with Nova Sparks – Part 2I bet we’re all excited as well! What should we expect next from this series?

I am confident in saying that this series will end in a BANG!

The readers will be surprised to see how it all ends. I call this series a trilogy but really there are four books in this series. 3 of the books are novels and there is one novella. Book 3 in the series will be called the DOME resistance and is the final chapter of the story. The novella is called “Luna: the unofficial DOME beginning” and will explain what is going on from the perspective of the aliens. That will end in a shocker as well! :-) Gosh I’m so excited!
I’m excited too! And finally: What other books are you working on?

My next series is called NOBODY NATION and I am really passionate about it because it is based off of things that happened in my life while I was in Catholic school (middle school). But because I’m not a big fan of middle grade books, I will make the series YA (young adult). It will be my first young adult series EVER and I am a little nervous. I’m not even sure what not to do in YA books but I guess I’ll figure it out. Oh and it will be paranormal urban fantasy romance (another love of mine). I love sci-fi as well and I will return to it soon. The NOBODY NATION series has to do with demons and that’s all I’m going to say about it ;-) . I don’t want to spoil anything. But I will say, it’s not the usual good vs. evil story. I think it’s a fairly different concept.

Thank you very much for this fantastic interview! You can find more about Nova and her books go here and follow her on twitter here!

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