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Interview with Ja’ness Tate

By Newguy

Interview with Ja’ness TateInterview with Ja’ness Tate

We were lucky enough to be able to talk to one of the stars of Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case of the Air B & B Robbery Ja’ness Tate. I want to send out a personal thank you for giving us the time to discuss the upcoming movie.

Without further ado, here is the interview.

Q1) What drew you to want to star in Hidden Orchard Mysteries and how much of Lulu do you see in yourself?

A1) When I first saw the casting call and read the description I thought the storyline was overall awesome! Then I began to read the character description for LuLu and I felt like I could relate to her. I felt like we were a lot alike. I wanted to tell her story, so I worked on my self-tape with my sister and when I got the part I was so excited!

Interview with Ja’ness Tate

Q2) You have excellent chemistry with Gabriella, how natural did the friendship come between the two of you?

A2) I feel like the moment we met we instantly became friends. It’s so funny how we are so alike! We just clicked. Playing her best friend in the movie was easy. I felt like it was normal like we did this for years! 

Interview with Ja’ness Tate

Q3) Do you have any favorite sleuth detectives you looked to for inspiration in the role? 

A3) I absolutely loved Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo growing up! I’ve always been a big fan of mystery and adventure movies. Even now I am rewatching The Sherlock Holmes Series. I absolutely love these kinds of movies and I am so grateful that I got to do my own!

Interview with Ja’ness Tate

Q4) You got to show off your musical talent early on in Hidden Orchard Mysteries, how big of a part of your life is music?

A4) I love music! I grew up around music as my whole family is musically inclined. We are all artists and pursue our art. Music has always been apart of me since I was very little. If I am not on set and reading a script, I am singing and performing!

Q5) If you could appear in a musical either on the stage or on film, which ones would you like to perform in?

A5) I always dreamed of being in a TV musical like Glee so if that ever comes back or some kind of spin-off comes on I will be the first to audition!  If I were to do a musical play, I would absolutely love to do Wicked. I love the music! And it’s a fun story I would love to play!

Interview with Ja’ness Tate

Q6) Which genres of movie would you most like to star in next? 

A6) Honestly, I want to do it all! But the genres I’m really interested in is drama, horror or even a coming of age story! I love all genres, but those would be really awesome to work in! 

Q7) Who are the people you look to as inspiration in the world of acting?

A7) I really look up to Viola Davis, Jada Pinkett Smith and Taraji P. Henson. Growing up I just admired their careers and how they made a name for themselves. They are so incredibly inspiring. I pray to inspire people just like they inspire me!

Interview with Ja’ness Tate

Q8) One of the key locations in Hidden Orchard Mysteries, is the cupcake shop, which leads to the important question, what is your favorite flavored cupcake?

A8) I love CHOCOLATE!!! with Sprinkles !!! 

If you would like to see more of Ja’ness Tate’s work, check out there IMDB.

I would like to thank Ja’ness Tate one more time for giving us the time to talk about Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case of the Air B & B Robbery. Read the review here.

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