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Interview || Maxine from "Sugar&Chic;"

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
Todays interview is from the lovely Maxine so please greet her warmly and check out her blog.
1. Sugar 'n' Chic
2. It is a fashion blog, which focuses on my take on fashion, through trend alerts, my stylish obsessions, icons, and DIYs which are coming soon!
3. I started blogging towards the end of last year! (so a very new blog!) I have always been insanely crazy about fashion, and have thought about starting my own fashion blog for a while now! But it wasn't until one of my friends told me they also wanted to start a fashion blog. So we both decided we wouldn't wait any longer, and created our own blogs that day!
4. I'm always terrible at these kind of questions! But let me try! Ok, I'm Maxine, 15 years old! Other than fashion I love acting! Swimming! Being creative with my friends! (Anything from photo shoots to making our own movies count us in!) And that's basically it!
5. This is a hard question to answer, since I'm still figuring out my style. But here's an exclusive for you guys! I am actually planing to do a series of posts on this!
6. My favorite designer! There are soooo many!! But right now I'm obsessing over Kate Spade!!!
7. Well I woudn't say I'm a full time blogger because I'm kinda busy in school right now :P
8. A blogger I definitely look up to is
9. I've found so many amazing and creative bloggers lately! But a few of my favorites would have to be and
10. The best thing about blogging is exploring my creativity in a way where I can share it with people with similar interests, and of course expanding my knowledge of fashion through other people's fascinating blogs.
11. Definitely the frustration of getting people to actually see my blog! Anyone who's a blogger would certainly understand this!
12. My process of coming up with post ideas is very random. I get inspired by the strangest things, and it just gives me great ideas for new posts! Its something that seems to work well so far, because there's never a time when I sit and stare at computer screen thinking of ideas. I enjoy finding inspiration wherever I look!
13. Well, since I've only started blogging recently all my posts so far have been different, I think variety is very important.
14. Since I'm still learning, with each post I gain more knowledge and therefore I think each post is a little better than the last one. And that's why my latest post on spring trends would be my favorite :)
15. In the short time that I've been in the blogging world, I have learned two very important things. The first is you need to comment on other people's blogs to build relationships and have them come check out your blog! The second is that the content on your blog needs to have versatility so that once someone does check out your blog at least something on there will appeal to them.
16. This year my biggest goal is to blog more often. I have been slacking a little on that but hopefully with the new year this will improve!
Hope you are carrying on sharing the love <3
Laura x

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