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Interlink Co., Ltd. Wins Community Priority Evaluation For The New gTLD .Osaka

Posted on the 30 July 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

Interlink Co., Ltd. Application for The New gTLD .Osaka just won its Community Priority Evaluation

.Osaka has prevailed with its Community Priority Evaluation application getting 15 of the maximum 16 points.

This means that GMO’s application for .Osaka will not move forward.

Here is part of the decision:
“Thank you for your participation in the New gTLD Program. After careful consideration and extensive review of the information provided in your application, including documents of support, the Community Priority Evaluation panel determined that the application met the requirements specified in the Applicant Guidebook. Your application prevailed in Community Priority Evaluation”

“Members of the community are defined as those who are within the Osaka geographical area as well as those who self identify as having a tie to Osaka, or the culture of Osaka. Major participants of the community include, but are not limited to the following:

• Legal entities
• Citizens
• Governments and public sectors
• Entities, including natural persons who have a legitimate purpose in addressing the community.

This community definition shows a clear and straightforward membership. The community is clearly defined because membership is dependent on having a clear connection to a defined geographic area.

In addition, the community as defined in the application has awareness and recognition among its members.

This is because of the clear association with the Osaka geographical area, as according to the applicant, the Osaka Community is largely defined by its prefectural borders.

The Community Priority Evaluation panel determined that the community as defined in the application satisfies both the conditions to fulfill the requirements for delineation.

The Osaka community has been in existence for thousands of years, and is known as Japan’s oldest capital. Osaka has been an economic and cultural center of the Japan for over a long span of time, though formally, the geographic area that defines the community, Osaka Prefecture, was formally established in 1868.

The Community Priority Evaluation panel determined that the community as defined in the application fulfills the requirements for preexistence.

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