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Interiors: Black, White and Colour All Over

By Heidi @missfinn

I love the black floors in this house. Shiny and glossy, I bet they would hide a myriad of annoying bits of dust and dirt. Like the black hair that my labrador Jet is constantly shedding in our house! Mercifully we have wooden floors, so it’s easy to keep clean. We had cream carpet in a house we lived in once, what a nightmare! Kids, dogs with black hair and generally clumsy grown-ups in a house with white carpet? Why do landlords think this is a good idea? Crazy people.

My favorite part of this house is the kitchen. The white walls juxtaposed with the black floors and the persian rug! When can I move in?

Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hall
Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hylla
Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_koket
Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_matplats
Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_sovrum

The use of color against the black and white backdrop is so charming and inspirational. It brightens up each of the rooms and gives life to an otherwise dull monochromatic scheme, don’t you think?

Images via here.

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