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Interior Obsession: Metal Beds

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Oh I am so eating my words today.  Years ago I swore off metal bed frames as ‘obnoxious and cheap looking’ and I’m here to personally apologize to the following beds:

Metal Garden Canopy Bed Frame

This lovely piece was shown in House Beautiful some months ago – I love the bed, the scallop on the linens, and the Mansard mirror above.


LUXE Magazine October Metal Bed

So much detail, yet it’s still simple and decidedly not obnoxious.  I like the patina’d bronze finish and (oh yes) the yellow bedding.  From Luxe Magazine 2010.

Morroccan Style Metal Bed Frame

The bed that began it all.  This is the Elijah bed, just released at Redefine Home.  The moment I saw it I began an argument in my head

“But you hate metal beds…”

“did I say that?”

“Um, yeah, ya did.  You’re a hypocrite.”

“People change.”


white wood and metal poster bed

This was found in my inspiration library (where I’ve been stockpiling magazine pages for years) so I don’t have a source on this one, sorry.  But I love it and had to share.  It’s soft yet edgy, with a headboard that looks like a rooftop – there’s just so much cool going on here.  If anyone can come up with a photo credit I’d love to know.

metal frame bed with canopy

This is the room I wish I could wake up in most mornings – light and calm.  Yawn, stretch, yoga anyone?  It’s from Veranda 2010.

So again, I just want to say “I’m sorry for underestimating your beauty, your potential to be so much more than a metal bedframe.  You are gorgeous, darling I mean it.”

What’s your favorite?

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